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The Theorist

The Theorist thinks independently and creatively in the pursuit of original and elegant solutions and proofs to add to the bigger picture of the beauty of mathematics.
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The Model Maker

The Model Maker looks at patterns and relationships to create mathematical constructs, which give an insight to potential directions to the world’s problems.

The Engineer

The Engineer sees in her mind’s eyes possibilities and innovations yet unknown and critically applies concepts and principles to make these real.
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The Disruptor

The Disruptor stands apart from the crows and sees problems we may not even know exist. Armed with a strong foundation in concept and logic, she then seeks to provide solutions which challenge current norms to better life for future generations.

Curriculum Goals

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Apply mathematical concepts, principles and logic to solve problems
  • Think independently, creatively and critically in the formulation of original and elegant solutions
  • Use information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance learning
  • Acquire an appreciation of the beauty of mathematics, and the traits and dispositions of mathematicians

Use of iPad in the Math Classroom.jpegUse of iPad in the Math classroom.
Learning Math Outdoors II.jpeg

Learning Math outdoors.
Learning Math Outdoors I.jpeg

Learning Math outdoors.

Events and Activities


A week to highlight the interplay of Mathematics with Science and Humanities in the real world. Activities include the Introduction to Coding.