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Ignite your talent with RGS
We pride ourselves for being one of Singapore's leading institutions for the education of talented young women, offering the unique Raffles Programme. As a member of RGS, you will be part of a close-knit community consisting of students, staff, parents and alumni, known for its fine tradition and reputation for excellence both locally and internationally. 

 A good Teacher explains, A great Teacher inspires
Teachers in RGS are highly valued by the students, who are in turn creative, disciplined and exceptionally motivated. We are a vibrant school community, sharing a stimulating work environment where emphasis is placed on providing continuous professional development and personal enrichment for our teachers.

A tree is not a tree without the trunk 
Executive and professional staff (EAS) play a critical role in ensuring that the daily operations of the school are run efficiently and seamlessly. EAS in RGS assist in developing the school’s infrastructure and facilitate all administrative functions.  Being a close-knit family, the various departments collaborate to create a conducive working and learning environment.

If you believe that learning should be about  
Forging good character  
Nurturing the intellect  
Firing the imagination  
Developing the body  
You might just be the person we are looking for to join our family!


We invite highly passionate individuals to join us as:


Mathematics Teacher
Music Teacher
Physics Teacher

Reporting to the Assistant Head/Head, you will be expected to develop and implement an instructional programme to meet the learning needs of gifted and talented students and lead the students in achieving academic success. You will also attend to the affective growth of the students by liaising and networking with other professionals, parents and careers to meet the pastoral and cognitive needs of the students.

  • Apply pedagogy that attends to the different learning needs of the gifted students.
  • Assess work, give appropriate feedback and maintain records of pupils' progress and development.
  • Undertake pastoral duties, such as taking on the role of form teacher, and support pupils on an individual basis through academic or personal difficulties.
  • Participate in and organize co-curricular activities.
  • Participate in departmental meetings, parents' evenings and school-wide training events.

  • A good University degree in the subject content area is required with relevant teaching qualifications
  • Interpersonal Skills, Class Management Skills, Takes Initiative, Effective Communication
  • Strong verbal communication and written English
  • Good Team player

Part Time Malay Language (Special Programme) Teacher

Reporting to the Assistant Head/Head, you will be required to teach Malay Language (Special Programme) on Monday and Friday afternoons.

  • Apply pedagogy that attends to the different learning needs of the gifted students.
  • Assess work, give appropriate feedback and maintain records of pupils' progress and development.
  • Participate in departmental meetings and parents' evenings.

  • A good University degree in the subject content area is required with relevant teaching qualifications
  • Have good knowledge of the current MOE MSP syllabus 
  • Interpersonal Skills, Class Management Skills, Takes Initiative, Effective Communication
  • Strong verbal communication and written English
  • Good Team player


Officer, Library

You will assist the Manager in providing a conducive learning/teaching environment for students and staff by promoting the full utilization of services, materials and resources.

  • Assist students and staff in the circulation of library materials.
  • Create and maintain thematic display and be responsible for shelving and straightening of library materials, to keep the library neat and conducive
  • Assemble and compile a variety of information and data for reports, studies and other purposes following prescribed methods. Maintain appropriate records of library materials (e.g. Library usage).
  • Catalogue English and Chinese materials
  • Build up school artefacts in the Digital Assets Management in Library Management System.
  • Plan and prepare library alerts in accordance with Manager’s advocacy plans
  • Co-ordinate and promote library workshops and programmes.
  • Provide logistics, administrative, procurement and finance-related support to the department, which includes collecting and recording fines and receipts of payment for lost or damaged materials.
  • Collate purchase requests, sourcing for quotations for decision and tracing of orders.
  • Oversee periodical subscriptions including renewals.
  • Provide support for the management of vendors
  • Manage library email accounts and respond to recommendations and first tier queries
  • Ensure that the established behavioural standards are observed at all times by the library users.

  • Diploma and/or a Degree qualification in library and information  management
  • Minimum 2 years’ relevant experience
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Sound organisational, problem solving  and time management skills

School Counsellor

You will report to the Head, Filiae Centre in the following areas:

  • Establish, implement and evaluate the school counseling programme which involves
  • Developing suitable school counselling programme including a system for needs analysis, early identification and referral of students with mental health issues and social, emotional and behavioural problems
  • Implementing strategies for early identification of students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties for early intervention
  • Providing consultation as well as plan and conduct training/workshops for staff and parents on pertinent mental health issues and skills for first-line intervention and support

  • Provide socio-emotional counselling and consultation support through:
  • Providing direct individual and group guidance to students
  • Working with relevant school personnel regarding students being counselled
  • Working with families of students being counselled and conduct home visits where necessary.

  • Work with relevant stakeholders in planning and implementing the school’s guidance programme by providing input and advice based on knowledge of child and adolescent development gained in training and observations from counselling cases.
  • Relevant Postgraduate qualification  in counselling, psychology, social work or equivalent
  • Minimum 3 years of working experience in counselling
  • Passion for working with young people
  • Possess an open mind, flexibility and cultural sensitivity
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and networking skills
  • Strong collaborative and time management skills
  • Ability to develop system and structures
  • Experience in education and career counselling and /or volunteer work involving children and youth would be an advantage
Interested candidates, please send a detailed resume and a recent photograph to:
The Human Resource Department
Email: rgs.recruitment@rgs.edu.sg  

(We regret only shortlisted candidates will be notified)

Professional development

At RGS, an extensive array of learning and development opportunities is offered to encourage staff to constantly develop and enhance their professional and personal competencies, skills and knowledge through:

  • Management and Leadership in Schools Programme
  • Professional Development Continuum Model Master Degree Programme and other relevant Master Degree Programmes
  • Overseas Professional Learning Scheme
  • Professional Development Leave Scheme
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  • Specialist Diploma in Educational Assessment
  • Teachers Work Attachments

Upon joining us, you will embark on an enriching on-boarding experience ranging from the RGS Staff Induction Programme and the Gifted Education Foundation Course. You will also be assigned a mentor who will help you adjust to working life and adapt to the RGS culture.

School-wide staff development is actively promoted to keep teachers abreast of the latest trends in education including the Raffles Programme curriculum which is based on exemplary gifted education principles and may be initiated and achieved by staff through local and overseas conferences, school-based or external workshops and seminars, sharing sessions by peers returning from training and the reading of circulated professional articles.

At every stage of your career with RGS, you will interact with peers and senior management from across the school through your involvement in various committees and task forces.

    career advancement

    Every staff who joins the RGS family will undeniably be rewarded with an enriching career path from the moment they enter. A myriad of tracks are available for each of the staff to choose from or grow into laterally or upwardly, depending on interests, aptitude and opportunities. With exposure, professional development and stellar performance, you will have the opportunity to rise to leadership positions of the three career tracks in RGS.



    Teachers may advance their career into three paths such as the Leadership Track, Teaching Track or the Specialist Track. Each of these tracks has different characteristics which allow teachers to achieve deeper talent in their area of specialization and discover veiled abilities.





    Staff who demonstrate the ability to guide and lead a team may be selected for the Leadership track. Taking up a higher level of appointment, these leaders oversee key portfolios and depending on their leadership role, staff the various management forums such as Senior Management Meeting, EXCO, Council, Academic Board and Pupil Development Meeting.


    Teachers who have a deep fervor for gaining profound knowledge on specific areas in Education may embark on the Specialist Track to be developed as an RGS Centre for Pedagogical Research and Learning key staff.

    The specialist has the pivotal role of:
    • Translating of research findings into actual protocols for impact in the classroom
    • Anchoring RGS educational skillsets in training on evidence from the classroom
    • Codifying a repertoire of educational skillsets to enable upward scaling
    • Being the in-house service provider for RGS-specific training
    • Providing consultation and expertise for the wider education fraternity


    All Education Officers start their career with the teaching track and as they obtain sufficient experience and competence in instructional methodology in their subject domains, they may progress to be domain expert as a Senior Teacher, Lead Teacher or Master Teacher in the Teaching Track.

    The Senior Teacher will serve as a mentor to all teachers in their professional development You will develop effective teaching strategies for the subject and be the role model for the use of effective pedagogy for teachers, and guide students both academically and in character development.

    As a Lead Teacher, you will build the professional capability within the school team in the areas of subject content, pedagogy and assessment. Being a subject matter expert, you will guide Senior Teachers in the area of pedagogical expertise and mentor other teachers.
     Executive / Professional
     Executives and professionals form about 20% of the workforce in RGS. They have a near endless career route during their stay here. Opportunities and leeway will always be paved for the individual to grow personally and professionally. Advancement of competence and dexterity comes with each achieved level. You may join the scheme under the administrative or technical track. Technical and administrative staff may progress into the leadership track once they have established leading virtues.

    Suitable candidates may be selected or groomed to take up senior leadership positions in the school. Fine-tuning of talent to perfection is emphasized in this track for RGS to triumph. Paving the way for fresher blood is essential for if there is no direction, there will not be success.

    Under the administrative track, you may be deployed to various departments such as Finance, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Student Services and School Administration among others. Regardless of where you may be deployed, you will be working with teams on projects, analyzing, reviewing, planning, innovating and executing policies and processes.

    If you possess a specialized skillset or professional qualifications, you may join us under the technical track in departments such as IT or Science Laboratories.

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    Here in RGS, we support one’s journey towards the achievement of personal life goals. Various leave provisions are available to assist you to do just that.

    • Vacation Leave (For Non-Academic staff)
    • Urgent Private Leave (For Academic staff only)
    • Family Leave
    • Marriage Leave
    • Volunteer Leave
    • Examination Leave


    The following medical benefits are offered as part of our aim to enhance staff well-being.

    • Sick Leave
    • Medical Claim
    • Dental Claim
    • Maternity Benefits
    • Health Screening Benefits
    • Group Hospitalization Insurance Coverage


    Successful candidates can also look forward to professional development opportunities and enjoy various benefits aimed at enhancing staff welfare.

    • Flexi Care Benefits
    • Training Opportunities
    • Career Development Opportunities