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Historical Milestones

Established in 1879, Raffles Girls’ School (RGS) is today a leading girls' school providing a holistic education via its 6-year Raffles Programme. The growth of RGS is largely attributed to the commitment of individuals who were passionate about the education of girls in an era when the provision of academic education for girls was considered unimportant.   

RGS’ humble beginnings can be traced to the dedicated committee of eight ladies who were determined to rescue orphans and very poor girls from vice and provide them with care and protection through education. Their efforts to set up a girls’ school attached to the Singapore Institution (later renamed Raffles Institution) were supported by Mrs Cavenagh, wife of the Straits Settlement Governor, who became the School’s Patron. It was their labour and dedication that enabled RGS to make steady progress in student enrolment and established RGS’ status as a distinguished educational institution in Singapore. 

The commitment of good people, many of whom remained unsung heroes, was to continue to be a major factor which helped shape RGS into a premier girls’ school that it is today. 

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