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               Sarah (right) together with her classmate Jovvy Chen during the Badge Initiation Ceremony, where Year 1s
               have their badges pinned on their pinafores for the very first time by their big sisters (Year 4s).

“Stepping into RGS on the first day of school, I was apprehensive, yet excited at the same time. Admittedly, the transition from primary to secondary school was not easy at the start. Not only was it about having to get used to a new environment filled with new and unfamiliar faces, it was also about starting a whole new phase in my life. I now don a different uniform and sing a new school song, pulling me away from the cycle of familiarity that I had come to associate with going to school for the last six years – even my timetable now displays twice the number of subjects!

However, with the advice and guidance from my teachers and seniors, I was able to gradually adapt to the changes. It also helped that during the first few lessons of Term 1, teachers shared more about themselves, and also gave us tips on how to cope during the year ahead. Getting to know my teachers, as well as gaining a deeper insight on how learning takes place for the subjects that I will be taking really helped put me at ease.

The school also organised a series of programmes and activities during Orientation Week to help us Year 1s bond and adapt to the new environment. One particular activity that stood out for me was the Raffles Initiation, where our seniors taught us the various school cheers that have been passed down from generations of seniors before us! At the end of the cheering session, we were all enthusiastic about having to do the cheers together during various school events throughout the year with greater conviction – “R-A-F-F-L-E-S Raffles!”

The strong culture of care and support in RGS is also evident in the assigning of Peer Support Leaders (PSLs) to every Year 1 class. Each class would have four to five PSLs who would conduct sessions to aid in our transition into secondary school life. During those sessions, the PSLs would answer any of our queries, which made me a lot more confident about navigating my way through my RGS journey. They also encouraged us during our first day of examinations, and throughout the school term, gave us many pleasant surprises – I even received chocolates on Valentine's Day!

As an RGS girl, we always strive to embody the values of being People-Centred, Principled, Passionate and Professional. In going through my RGS journey, I hope to be more confident of putting these values into my daily life. After all, we are Daughters of a Better Age and I do hope to create that Better Age for the community someday.”

- Goh Shi Sien Sarah, Year 1’16


The RGS girl comes from all walks of life, evident in the sheer diversity of our student population who come from 90 over primary schools each year. This makes student life at RGS vibrant and enriching. Every girl who enters the gates of RGS joins a sisterhood of generations of women who share the bond of the RGS Experience. Join us today to embark on your very own RGS Experience!

DSC07460.JPG"When I was in Year 3, I had the opportunity to work on a research project under the Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP). Working with my teammate, and under the tutelage of two mentors who were researchers at the DSO National Laboratories, we worked to develop an algorithm to examine the viability of various criteria in detecting ship wakes from raw data captured by Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). Because of my involvement in the project, I had the opportunity to learn about concepts that were beyond the standard Physics syllabus, which my mentors were patient enough to give me a crash course in in order to get the project going. After months of hard work, we became the sole YDSP project under the auspices of the DSO National Laboratories and Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) to be recognised and selected for presentation during the YDSP Congress in front of Ministers and established researchers in the defence science community.

The experience of being at the frontiers of research and development in the real world was something that I had never imagined I would have had as a student who still had so much to learn about Physics. But under the RGS Talent Development framework, I had the opportunity to do so, to work on complex projects directly related to the defence of Singapore under the guidance of knowledgeable professionals in the field!”

- Rachel Qing Pang, Year 4’16


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2019 marks a milestone year for RGS as we moved into our new home at 2 Braddell Rise! Our new campus provides for the space and facilities required to deliver innovative curriculum and programmes, and better supports the school's teaching and learning goals. We have also launched three new facilities and one new programme. Click on the following links to find out more information:


“For over a decade, I have lived in the United States, but in 2012, my family decided to return to Singapore in search of a more holistic educational environment for me.

When I first joined RGS, it was already halfway through the academic year. Returning home after being overseas for years, I experienced cultural shock. As someone who has never been part of the school system in Singapore before, it was difficult to assimilate at first. Faced with a daunting new syllabus and different school settings, I encountered issues such as having to study anew as most subjects were unfamiliar to me.

In light of this new challenge, I discovered a unique culture of care and support here at RGS. For one, my classmates constantly looked out for me. Teachers too understood my situation and provided additional help, arranging after-school sessions to address my queries and allowing me leeway. Other staff members of the school frequently checked in on me to ensure that I was coping well. Most of all, the school community welcomed me with open arms, supporting my goals and aspirations.

With this continuous support from my family, peers, teachers and the RGS community, I overcame my initial obstacles, fully integrating into the school and adapting to newfound challenges. I was also given the opportunity to take on leadership roles, being appointed the Chairperson of my CCA, the RGS Photographic Society, and being in the Executive Committee of my class.

Considering all the support and goodwill I’ve had the fortune to encounter, I had hoped to assist others in the same way as well. So when I was in Year 3, I participated in the welcoming team for international scholars, helping them learn more about Singapore, and sharing with them my personal experience as well as we all share a similar predicament of having moved to a different country in pursuit of education.

RGS has inspired me to strive to become a better learner, to develop my strengths and pursue my interests. I owe a large part of my accomplishments today to the care and support I experienced throughout my RGS journey.”

- Joie Liew, Year 4’16


We provide curriculum support to our gifted and talented students by adopting a differentiated approach to teaching and learning, preparing them for their journey towards the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate-in-Education (GCE) Advanced Level Examination at Year 6, and for learning beyond the Raffles Programme. Get an overview of the Raffles Programme here. For an in-depth look into specific areas of the Raffles Programme, click here.

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“While I have always been a fan of Formula 1 (F1) and an avid supporter of Michael Schumacher, I did not know much about the programme offered here in RGS until a sharing by a former F1 in Schools team. Despite my interest, I was initially crippled by a stifling sense of uncertainty, of whether I was suitable or if I had the aptitude for the programme. After knowing that the Talent Development provisions here allowed students to try out a programme for a year to determine their suitability, and with the encouragement of my teachers and friends, I decided to use the platform to explore my interest.

As with the actual races you see on TV, the competition not only calls for a vigorous research and design process in order to manufacture a miniature F1 car (which will be raced against that of other teams’), but also sourcing of sponsorship from companies to purchase the resources needed, as well as branding of the team. While it has been challenging, at the same time, the boundless room for exploration keeps me driven.

I am most grateful for the plethora of opportunities the programme has provided me with, the highlight being the chance to represent Singapore at the F1 in Schools World Finals 2018 after clinching the national championships in 2017. Over and above the opportunity compete on the world stage, it is the invaluable chance to work with and learn from different groups of people who are experts in their respective fields (e.g. university professors in engineering, education directors and image consultants) that I look forward to.

Through the programme, I have grown to enjoy collaborating with others. While I used to prefer working independently, collaborating with my team gave me the opportunity to discuss ideas together, with our teamwork neatly synthesising the different perspectives we have and allowing us to leverage on each other’s strengths. In addition, working together has given me the chance to forge new friendships, which also provides an emotional pillar of support I can draw strength from when the going gets tough. Furthermore, as a Year 4, I have the chance to mentor junior teams in their preparations for the national finals, which is something I treasure as it allows me to play a part in giving back to the programme.

Looking back, F1 in Schools has allowed me to gain real-world exposure out of the classroom and more importantly, taught me how to be more resilient, how to be a better team player and leader, and to be unfazed in the pursuit of my passions and dreams.”

- Angeline Lai Rui Xi, Year 4’18


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