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22nd International Elementz Fair 2021

Five RGS Year 4 school-based research project teams took part in the 22nd International Elementz Fair, of which two were shortlisted for the final judging on 20 April 2021. Congratulations to the teams and teacher-mentors for their good work!

Names of StudentsProject TitleAwardTeacher-Mentor
Sanjuana Jensine Dharmaraj
Sabrina Tong Ning En
Selee Wele D/O Sanjay Wele
Inhibition of microalgal growth by utilising allelochemicals found in local plant speciesGoldDr Choong Tsui Wei
Dr Jeffrey Lee
Naomi Wang Chencheng
Faith Ang Xin Ying
Optimising of algae-based fertilisers on growth of Brassica rapa var. parachinensisBronzeDr Choong Tsui Wei
Dr Jeffrey Lee
Edith Lim Li Xin
Loh En Hui Vivien
Leng Wen Si
Investigating the effects of LED light and sunlight on bean plantsCommendationDr Choong Tsui Wei
Dr Jeffrey Lee
Gnanavelou Mirudhula
Hsiao Jia Ying Meneha Ravichandran
Effects of nitrogenous compounds in soil on plant-pollinator (bees) interactionsCommendationDr Choong Tsui Wei
Dr Jeffrey Lee
Amrita Anbuchezhian
Phang Sher Hui Janelle
Tan Xiao Zhuang
Plant seeds as biofuels - An approach to conserving biodiversity, reducing carbon footprint and strengthening food securityCommendationDr Choong Tsui Wei
Dr Jeffrey Lee

Through their research journey, the students learnt the value of group work, tenacity and a systematic approach to understand and solve a problem through their projects.

Sanjuana Sabrina and Selee.jpg
Team members (from left) Sanjuana, Sabrina and Selee were awarded Gold for their project.
Faith and Naomi.jpg
(From left) Faith and Naomi achieved the Bronze award for their project.
The annual International Elementz Fair, organised by Anderson Serangoon Junior College, provides a platform for local and overseas upper secondary and junior college students to showcase their scientific research, as well as prototypes, which can contribute to the betterment of society. The 22nd edition of the fair was held entirely online this year.