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Baden-Powell Award 2021

The Baden-Powell Award is conferred to outstanding Girl Guides who have demonstrated leadership qualities and proficiency in programme planning. It is the highest award presented by the Chief Commissioner of Girl Guides Singapore (GGS) and represents the Girl Guide’s commitment to the Guide Promise and Law.

The following Girl Guides have shown determination and diligence in fulfilling the requirements of the award during this unprecedented time:

  • Cai Sijia (307)

  • Ellyse Wong Syn Yee (306)

  • Goh Rei En, Aislinn (313)

  • Hayley Soh (308)

  • Kwa Yu Teng, Joelle (312)

  • Seah Yu Wen (309)

  • Sofia Selim Arkatti (314)

  • Teoh Ya Yu Vanessa (310)

  • Chua Wen Ying Sarah (402)

  • Goh Rui Ying (309)

  • Khew Chervei (309)

  • Khew Pearlvei (309)

  • Ling En Ru, Andrea (312)

  • Mireia Sheryse Tan Shi Ying (310)

  • Tan Hui Shi (301)

  • Yeo Le Xuan (307)

  • Julia Elizabeth Lee Shuen Shuen (301)

We would like to express our appreciation to Guider Ms Lee Tien in supporting the girls’ Guiding journey.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, GGS hosted the Guides & Guide Guiders’ Awards Ceremony virtually on 25 September 2021. You can watch the awards ceremony via the GGS YouTube channel.