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Problem X (PX) Challenge 2021

Problem X (PX) Challenge is a programme jointly organised by the Gifted Education Branch, Ministry of Education (MOE) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Incepted in 2020, the programme targets Year 2 to 4 students who demonstrate strong aptitude, passion and motivation for inquiry in Science and Mathematics.

PX Challenge 2021 took place virtually in lieu of safe management measures. The focus for problem-solving this year was environmental waste in Singapore, due to the extensive use of plastic cutlery. Working on the given real-world problem, students had to seek possible “solutions” for it by considering different perspectives and leveraging their knowledge of different disciplines, particularly in Science and Mathematics.

RGS registered 29 teams for the competition, of which 2 were shortlisted for the finals. Under the guidance of RGS teacher-mentors, the RGS teams emerged as Champion and 2nd Runner Up. 4 teams also received special awards for their projects:

Names of Students



Team 13

Tan Jingyu Axil (409)

Kwee Kayli (407)

Kong Kei-Lyn (411)

Liu Jiajia (411)

1st Prize

Ms Neo


Team 02

Wong Sze En Chloe (412)

Phoon Jing Faye (404)

Clarissa Lee Yen Yee (410)

Chloe Ong Si Yi (407)

3rd Prize

Mdm Tan

Siu Guan

Team 10

Chiar Hanqian (411)

Goh Sephine (411)

Jiang Yi'an (411)

Ker Yi Xian Esther (411)

Special Awards

(Task 1 – Report)

Ms Norazlin Normin

Team 12

Goh Dai Ting (410)

Esther Woon Sue Ann (410)

Chew Shao Yee (410)

Lai Yi Yi, Summer (404)

Special Awards

(Task 1 – Report)

Dr Sundari Prama

Team 15

Kimmie Lau Rui Qi (402)

Chen Guo (402)

Rachel Chan Shurui (402)

Avon Lee Jieyi (402)

Special Awards

(Task 2 – Video Bulletin)

Ms Chua

Xin Yu

Team 28

Janessa Low Qian Yi (301)

Tan Shao Min, Nicole (314)

Kenzie Li Zhixian (314)

Tan Yi Xin Geri (309)

Special Awards

(Task 2 – Video Bulletin)

Mr Yeo

Jun Han


Congratulations to all the teams and teacher-mentors for their excellent work in the competition!