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Shell NXplorers 2021

Shell NXplorers 2021 is championed by Science Centre Singapore and Shell Singapore. It is a platform for young people to develop sustainable solutions to food, water and energy challenges. Through the process, students learn systems thinking, scenario planning, and develop change management skills - all highly relevant skill sets that inspire and equip students to be positive agents of change. 

Targeted at Secondary School students, this year’s programme drew a strong response – with 127 team registrations from 52 schools in Jan 2021. Over the course of six months involving workshops, competition entries and project sharing, 10 outstanding teams were shortlisted as finalists. Under the guidance of our RGS teacher-mentors, all four of the RGS registered teams were shortlisted for the final judging, and the following are the teams’ achievements:

Team Name

Project Title


Teacher Mentor

Team 6 Ticks Daikin 


Lim Tze You     

Zhou Yaoting Nina

 Hannah Lim Anne-Gi        

How can we provide a more energy-efficient and sustainable option to air conditioning, while obtaining the same cooling benefits, applicable to both domestic and industrial settings (such as the storage of food in supermarkets), and produce useful products such as water?

1st Runner Up

Mdm Cindy Tiong

Team ERA 


Avanie Aniruddha Joshi

Kwee Kayli

Tan Jingyu Axil

Liu Jiajia

Kong Kei-Lyn

How can we effectively leverage Singapore's waste to create energy?

2nd Runner Up

Ms Chia Wei Ling

Team Blue Aqua 


Jacklyn Loke Jia Ying

Estelle Loo En

Trisha Walia

Chia Han Xin, Jolene

Ng Hui Jun, Regina


How can Singapore’s water treatment plants operate with greater efficiency in order to meet up to 80% of Singapore’s water demand, without increasing energy usage? 


Mdm Cindy Tiong

Team Breakthrough 


Cheyenne Tan Sze Yi

Anoushka Prasanna Rao

Clarissa Lee Yen Yee

How can we increase the energy efficiency of Singapore's desalination process to ensure the sustainability of obtaining potable water from seawater?


Ms Chia Wei Ling

Just as in 2020, Shell NXplorers 2021 Finals Judging took place virtually on 6 August in lieu of safe distancing measures and was live streamed via the Facebook page of STEM Inc, Science Centre Singapore. The event was graced by the Science Centre Singapore's Chief Executive, Assoc Prof Lim Tit Meng as well as Shell's Head of Corporate Relations Southeast Asia, Mr Sahala Sianipar. Teams were given 10 minute for their project presentation followed by a 5 minute Q&A session with the judges, namely, Mr Loh Seng Yee (VP Sales Asia Pacific, Shell Catalyst and Technologies Pte Ltd), Mr Danny Chua (Managing Director, CYC Pte Ltd) and Mr Vincent Lau (Chief Technology Officer, Pylon City). 

Congratulations to all the teams and teacher-mentors for their excellent work in the competition!

1st Runner Up 2.jpeg

1st Runner Up (Team 6 Ticks Daikin): Zhou Yaoting Nina, Hannah Lim Anne-Gi, Lim Tze You

2nd Runner Up Shell Nexplorer.jpg

2nd Runner Up (Team ERA): Tan Jingyu Axil, Kong Kei-Lyn, Kwee Kayli, Avanie Aniruddha Joshi, Liu Jiajia