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Singapore Energy Grand Challenge (Youth)

In this year's edition of the Singapore Energy Grand Challenge (Youth), students were invited to form teams of 2-4 students, and develop creative and impactful submissions based on the challenge statement "How would your carbon-free school, or neighbourhood in Singapore look like in 2050?" Participating teams had to develop their submissions using Minecraft, and submit a 3-minute video.

Of the 10 participating RGS teams, four teams were shortlisted for the semi-finals (the four semi-finalist teams are listed below). The semi-finalists attended a virtual clinic session designed to them understand Singapore’s Energy Story, the Energy Trilemma, and to learn useful Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) skills that would aid them in the final submission:



- Chloe Ong Si Yi (407)

- Park Juha (413)

- Shen Xintian (414)

- Teo Gi Min (414)


Team 3R

- Victoria Teo Yue Tong (101)

- Tan Xuan Ying (107)

- Kong Zi Yau Bernadette (108)


Team Phrog

- Huang Anqi Annie (201)

- Noorul Nuhaa Binti Shawal (201)

- Chen Ying (202)

- Yu Yiqia (202)


Team ProtoEco

- Lin Qianyu (313)

- Tan Min Min (314)

Team 3R was shortlisted for the finals, and emerged eventual champions in the youth category.

SEGC Finalists.jpg

Team 3R Members (from left to right):Tan Xuan Ying, Kong Zi Yau Bernadette (Jiang Zirou), Victoria Teo Yue Tong

EEF 2021 - 3R Girls Team.jpg

Team 3R Members being presented their trophy at the virtual prize ceremony!


Team 3R Members with their Individual and Group Trophies!

Team 3R's Winning Entry