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Singapore Youth Science Fair 2021

This year is the fourth run of the newly launched new Singapore Youth Science Fair (SYSF). Started in 2014, SYSF is designed to promote Science education and attract mass participation of students at the Upper Primary and Lower Secondary levels. This celebration of Science learning is sponsored by Abbott Laboratories and co-organised by the Science Teachers Association of Singapore and Science Centre Singapore.

The theme for the 2021 Singapore Youth Science Fair is: Responsible Advocacy through Science

The award-winning ceremony took place virtually on Friday 27 August because of safe distancing measures. A total of 183 projects were entered for the competition. RGS registered 2 projects for the competition. Under the guidance of our dedicated teacher-mentors, both RGS teams achieved the following awards.

    Names of Students
Project TitleAwardTeacher Mentor
Team TempH
Lin Zhi
Wong Kylie Ann
Olivia Zhao
(Year 2)

To investigate the different types of beans on the acidity levels of Tempeh, a protein-based meal substituteDistinction And Most Innovative Project (Secondary)Dr Prama Sundari
Team Vitality
Nainika Gupta
Clarisse Chee Qian Ying
Tessa Yap
(Year 2)
Effect of Adding Antioxidants to Kiwi Juice under Different Temperatures on Reducing the Degradation of Vitamin CAccomplishmentMs Neo Yining

Congratulations to all the teams and teacher-mentors for their outstanding work in the competition!

Team TempH SYSF 2021.jpg

                                                                                      Team TempH
                                                  Distinction Award And Most Innovative Project (Secondary)

Team Vitality SYSF 2021.png

                                                                                       Team Vitality
                                                                            Accomplishment Award