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YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA) 2021

The YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA) 2021 is a national competition organised by YMCA of Singapore, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Speak Good English Movement. Happening annually, PESA promotes public speaking in Plain English and provides a platform for students to hone their oratorical skills and cultivate confidence in public speaking. 

After a hiatus last year due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, PESA re-emerged this year with all its rounds taking place virtually in light of the ongoing pandemic. RGS fielded six students to participate in the competition—three for the lower secondary category and three for the upper secondary category. 

Under the guidance of RGS teacher-coaches (Mr Alwin Ho, Ms Daphne Chua and Ms Sharon Ong) , the students attained the school’s best performance in PESA in more than five years!

Names of Students Award Year Category
Filomena Litani Magha Amelia Champion 1 Lower Secondary
Hannah Chua Yun Han First Runner-Up 1 Lower Secondary
 Claire-Leia Ng Shean Ee  Certificate of Participation  1 Lower Secondary
 Nurani Kaseh Binte Isa  First Runner-Up  3 Upper Secondary
Kenzie Li Zhixian   Semi-Finalist  3  Upper Secondary
 Calyss Ng Kee  Certificate of Participation  3  Upper Secondary

The judges’ comments for each round of the competition and the virtual Awards Ceremony can be viewed on the YMCA PESA Facebook page.  

Below are selected speeches made by two of the RGS participants in the competition. The students delivered the speeches again after the competition and recorded them for display on this website.

 Filomena responding to the prompt “BBT or BTS?”

Hannah responding to the prompt “I Wish I Had”

PESA 2021 Lower Secondary.jpeg

PESA 2021 Lower Secondary Entries (From Left to Right): 
Claire-Leia Ng Shean Ee (Certificate of Participation), Hannah Chua Yun Han (First Runner-Up), 
Filomena Litani Magha Amelia (Champion)

PESA 2021 Upper Secondary.JPG

PESA 2021 Upper Secondary Entries (From Left to Right): 
Calyss Ng Kee (Certificate of Participation), Nurani Kaseh Binte Isa (First Runner-Up), 
Kenzie Li Zhixian (Semi-Finalist)

Congratulations to all the students and teacher-coaches for their excellent work in the competition!