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23rd International Elementz Fair 2022

Five RGS Year 4 school-based research project teams took part in the 23rd International Elementz Fair, of which four were shortlisted for the final judging on 19 April 2022.

Names of StudentsProject TitleAwardTeacher-Mentor
Wang Xinning
Woon Yun Xi Clarice
Veronica Shen
Effect of human disturbance on plant diversityGoldDr Jeffrey Lee
Ong Crystal
Gauri Lather
Lileath Tang Yong Hui
Promoting growth of plant species back to urbanised areas through green corridorsGoldDr Jeffrey Lee
Tan Jia En Joie
Lei Siqi
Bridgette Kim
Less mowing, more growingGoldDr Jeffrey Lee
Faith Yang Li Ying
Sofia Selim Arkatti
Yap Bei Jade
Effect of different moss species on indoor air qualitySilverDr Jeffrey Lee
Dass Nicole Ashley
Chin Xin Hui Ezanne
Neo Joe Ern
Uptake of BPA by ChlorellaCommendationMr Chan Sau Siong

Through their research journey, the students learnt the value of group work, tenacity and a systematic approach to understand and solve a problem through their projects. Congratulations to all the teams and teacher-mentors for their good work!

Read about some of the teams’ personal reflections of their experiences during the competition here.

The annual International Elementz Fair, organised by Anderson Serangoon Junior College, provides a platform for local and overseas upper secondary and junior college students to showcase their scientific research, as well as prototypes that can contribute to the betterment of society. The 23rd edition of the fair was held online this year.

Bridgette Kim Lei Siqi Joie Tan.jpg
Clarice Woon Wang Xinning Veronica Shen.jpg
Jade Yap Sofia Arkatti Faith Yang.jpg
(From top left, clockwise) The teams of Bridgette, Siqi and Joie, and Clarice, Xinning and Veronica achieved a Gold award for their projects, while Jade, Sofia and Faith achieved the Silver award.