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RoboCup Singapore Open 2022

The RGS Robotics Club took part in the Robocup Singapore Open 2022 on 28 May and emerged victorious in the following categories:

  • *RobocupJunior Best Achievement Award (2020-2022) – Raffles Girls’ School
  • RoboCup Junior Soccer Light-Weight – 1st Place
  • RoboCup Singapore Influencer Award – 1st Place
  • RoboCup Asia-Pacific, Cospace Rescue Firststeps – 3rd Place (Individual award by Year 2 member Song Xiangning) 
  • Robocup Junior Rescue Line – Best Engineering Journal Award

*The Best Achievement Award trophy is presented to the school that attains the best achievements at the RoboCup Singapore Open. The winning school is entitled to hold the trophy for a year until the next winner is determined the following year. 

RoboCup Singapore Open 2022 aims to promote innovation using robotics and AI and select the best teams to represent Singapore in the RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2022 and RoboCup World Championship 2022.