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Singapore Science & Engineering Fair 2022

A total of 480 projects were entered for the main category of the Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2022, of which 325 were shortlisted for the final judging on 30 March. RGS registered 11 projects for the competition, of which 10 were shortlisted for the final judging. Under the guidance of RGS teacher-mentors, the RGS projects achieved one Gold Award, one Silver Award, three Bronze Awards and one Merit Award. Four teams also received special awards for their projects.

Team MembersProject TitleAwardTeacher-Mentor
Sun Xiaoqing
(Class of 2020)
The physics of a bead rolling on a rotating hoop - a problem in nonlinear dynamicsGold

Yale-NUS College Special Award
Ms Cheong Szu Chuang
Gan Kah Shuen, Cheok Yin Jia and Tan Min Min
(Year 4)
Information gathering by passive SONARSilver

SUTD Research and Innovation Award: Multi-Disciplinary
Ms Cheong Szu Chuang
Chloe Liow Yi Yin, Hilary Chee Xin Yi and Yin Yue
(Year 4)
Simulating plasma fusion in magnetic mirror and tokamakBronzeMs Cheong Szu Chuang
Isabelle Ong Li Xin
(Class of 2021)
Investigation of flow resistance and blast propagation through ventilation pathwaysBronzeMr Shaun De Souza
Hong Eungi and Mirdhini Shri Rajaram
(Class of 2021)
Identification of mosquito larvae in drains using deep learningBronzeMr Shaun De Souza
Adele Lim Yu Qing, Tan Sze Qi and Tan Yi Xin Geri
(Year 4)
Behaviour of sustainable recycled aggregate concrete structuresMerit

JDF Design and Engineering Award
Ms Cheong Szu Chuang
Celeste Tan, Lim Kae Sophie and Ng Hui Jun Regina
(Class of 2021)
Communication antenna design on a portable deviceParticipation

SUTD Research and Innovation Award: Aviation
Mr Shaun De Souza

Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 16.48.51.png                   Congratulations to our Year 4 students (from left) Tan Min Min, Gan Kah Shuen
                   and Cheok Yin Jia for receiving the Silver Award as well as the SUTD Research
                   and Innovation Award: Multi-Disciplinary for their project 'Information Gathering
                                                                       by Passive SONAR'.

In addition, two projects by RGS alumnae were awarded Gold Awards and selected to represent Singapore at the prestigious Regeneron International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) scheduled to be held from 7-13 May 2022.

Team MembersProject TitleAward
Glenda Tan Hui En and Koay Tze Erhn
(Class of 2020)
Anti-virus autobots: predicting deadlier virus variants for pandemic prevention through deep learningGold
Annika Liu Xinan
(Class of 2020)
Fabrication and evaluation of solid-state ion-selective electrodes for pH measurementGold

In the Junior Scientist category, there were a total of 42 projects, of which four were from RGS. The four teams performed very well, with two of the teams achieving Merit Awards.

Team MembersProject TitleAwardTeacher-Mentor
Tessa Yap, Nainika Gupta and Clarisse Chee Qian Ying
(Year 3)
Investigating the effect of adding antioxidants to kiwi juice under different temperatures on reducing the degradation of Vitamin CFinal Judging: Certificate of Participation

Video Presentation Category: Merit
Ms Neo Yining and Mr Shaun De Souza
Maeve Teo Yuumi, Balireddy Hiranya Sai Priya and Rachel Goh Rui En
(Year 3)
Factors affecting the mode of nutrition of chlorella and the ability of chlorella to switch between its modes of nutritionFinal Judging: Merit

Video Presentation Category: Certificate of Participation
Mr Chan Sau Siong

Junior Sci Cat_2.PNG     Our Year 3 students Tessa, Nainika and Clarisse presenting their project during the final judging.

SSEF is a national competition organised by the Ministry of Education, A*STAR and Science Centre Singapore, and is affiliated to the prestigious Regeneron ISEF, which is regarded as the Olympics of science research competitions.

Just as in 2021, SSEF 2022 took place virtually in lieu of safe distancing measures.