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Two teams from RGS won the first and second prizes in My Pledge, a short film competition that aims to promote deeper reflection of Singapore’s national pledge. Organised by Temasek Polytechnic in conjunction with National Day 2009, it was supported by the NDP 09 EXCO and Nexus.​

Top honours went to Baguette Productions, whose entry Many Bags, One Identity, captures the meaningfulness of the words in the pledge by showing how Singaporeans are able to place nationality before ethnicity. “The pledge is an expression of love, commitment and willingness to look beyond our differences and our commitment to stay united as one people,” says team member Tan Jia Qi Rachel (311).

In the two-and-a-half-minute clip, various people wear over their heads bags of different colours, then doff them to put on a single bag resembling the Singapore flag. “Our film tells about how Singaporeans should value their fundamental identity despite all our outer differences,” puts in teammate Liu Jia Hwei Jasmine (307).

"The film is about having differences but one identity," adds Chew Chia Shaowei (312) the third member of Baguette Productions.
Their prize was $3000 and a trophy for the school.

The other team, Singuerillah, took second place and an award of $2000, with their film We, the Citizens. The short feature traces a typical day in the life of several people, such as a grandfather, who symbolises peace, and the student, who represents progress and prosperity. In spite of their different backgrounds and lives, they all have a common sense of belonging to Singapore, with the common desire to be a part of National Day.

Members of Singuerillah are Lee Min Yee (414), Clarissa Tan (413) and Grace Chen (415). 'The pledge represents what our nation hopes to achieve, the very essence of our goal,' comments Grace, 'a standard all Singaporeans should live by regardless of who they are.'

As for the name of the team, Min Yee (414) explains, 'Singuerillah is a mixture of what our team represents: a guerilla, a brave attempt at filmmaking, Singapore and her Singlish.'

The team took part in the competition so that they could meet like minded youths and get the chance to make some money. Clarissa says, 'We wanted the experience of making a film completely independently with no budget, and that of winning the chance to be mentored by a professional filmmaker.'

The videos will be screened as at the National Day Parade at the Marina Bay on 9 Aug 2009 as part of the pre-parade highlights, and the winning teams will be participating in a film mentorship programme with Sinema Academy of Motion Pictures, learning from local film-makers like Gek Li San, Boi Kwong, Wee Li Lin and Wilson Yip.

The videos can be viewed at


Abigail Chew (409) won the 1st prize of $200 in the Racial Harmony Through Neighbourliness 2009 Poster Design Competition. It was organized in conjunction with the Aljunied GRC and Hougang SMC Racial Harmony celebrations, which were held on 26 July 2009 at Hougang Central Hub.​

The Guest of Honour was Mr George Yeo, Minister for Foreign Affairs and MP for Aljunied GRC. The celebrations were a part of Racial Harmony Month, which is in July every year.​

Abigail also won a consolation prize of $50 in the writing competition, which is also a part of the same series of competitions held on that day.​


The RGS teams turned in superlative performances at the finals of the World Scholar’s Cup 2009, sweeping most of the top awards in both the senior and junior divisions. The Principals congratulate the girls and their teachers on their resounding success.​

The World Scholar's Cup is a highly-demanding multidisciplinary academic competition that assesses participants in six subjects: Fine Art, History, Economics, Mathematics, Science and Literature. This year saw the participation of 90 teams from the USA, China, Vietnam, UAE, Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore. Local teams included Raffles Institution, Raffles Institution (JC), Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls High, Chung Cheng High, ACJC and St Joseph’s Institution International.

The finals, held on 13th and 14th June 2009 at Nanyang Girls’ School, saw the RGS girls joust against strong competition in four events: Team Debate, Multiple Choice Challenge, Essay and Live Quiz Tournament, and eventually take the following positions:

Senior Division

Team Overall
1st: Zhang Mengshi, Tang Wei Qing and Karen Xi
2nd Brenda Lee, Yuen Wing Yan and Tay Zong Min

Individual Overall
1st: Zhang Mengshi
2nd: Tay Zong Min
3rd: Tan Wei Qing

Junior Division

Team Overall
1st: Cherie Seah, Andrea Chew and Jacqueline Khor
2nd: Phang Min Ee, Amanda Choo and Stephanie Yeap
5th: Liu Zi Wei, Samantha Chan and Natasha Nabila

Individual Overall
1st: Cherie Seah
2nd: Phang Min Ee
3rd: Stephanie Yeap
4th: Jacqueline Khor

‘I am very very proud of the girls for doing so well and for really putting their stamp and that of RGS all over this year's competition,’ says Dr Sakhar, Primary WSC coordinator for RGS this year. ‘I am also very pleased to say that throughout this competition, the girls conducted themselves with the graciousness and dignity that is the hallmark of an RGS girl: they were remarkably well behaved throughout, and did the school proud in this area as well.’​​


Congratulations to Jocelyn Tan (204), Claudia Koh (203) and Lee Zi Xin (212) for getting their works published in the book i remember to my Grandpa/Grandma from teenagers, a National Library Board project featuring stories and teenagers’ expressions of love for their grandparents. These are in the form of letters, narratives and poems. For more information, please visit http://www.DearSingapore.sg

Kudos also go to Xie Huiling and Chloe Chua, whose stories, Dimensional Restoration and Hunt the Dove respectively, were last year submitted for a pilot science fiction writing competition organized by A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC). They were subsequently selected for publication in Science Chronicles. To read the stories, please visit http://www.science-chronicles.com/013adimensionalrestoration.html and http://www.science-chronicles.com/015ahuntthedove.html​