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rgs alumna wins scholarship from mark zuckerberg-funded foundation

RGS alumna Deanna See has won a US$250,000 (S$356,000) scholarship from a foundation funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for her video on antibiotic resistance. Her video, which was one of the 6,000 submissions from 146 countries for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, saw Deanna engaging audiences with her lively and animated explanation on antibiotic resistance with the help of props such as LEGO figurines.

Watch her video below:

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is an annual global competition for students to create and submit original videos that bring to life a concept or theory in the life sciences, physics or mathematics.

gold award for people's association youth movement service-learning champion project accolade 2016

A team of students from RGS and RI have obtained the Gold award for the People's Association Youth Movement (PAYM) Service-Learning Champion (SLC) Project Accolade 2016 for their project 'My Reading Room'.

RGS Year 4 student Zhou Xinzhuo Kathy and RI Year 5 students and RGS alumnae Cassandra Jane Ang Ann Ki and Melissa Amanda's 'My Reading Room' is a programme organised in collaboration with Toa Payoh East Community Club to help primary school children who come from low income families as well as migrant families with non-English speaking backgrounds learn English in a fun and engaging way through activities like skits and arts and crafts.

14196011_507299209465105_2563788032799566041_o.jpg         Kathy (extreme left) and Melissa receive their award from Mr Ng Chee Meng, Acting Minister for Education (Schools)
         & Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Transport, during the PAYM Service-Learning Festival 2016.

Jointly introduced by the Ministry of Education and PAYM, the SLC scheme is a programme that caters to youths in secondary schools. It has a local community focus that aims to provide holistic development in youths and to inculcate resilience, discipline and a spirit of service to others during their formative years.

singapore junior science olympiads

At the various Singapore Junior Science Olympiads this year, RGS students have achieved the following results:

Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad
A total of 114 RGS students participated in the inaugural Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO) 2016, of which, three of them received a Gold award, while 12 received a Silver award and 17 received a Bronze award.

Izavel Lee Shu Yih (Year 3)Gold
Ng An Tong (Year 3)Gold
Cherie-Anne Lee Shi Xian (Year 3)Gold
Kaitlyn Lee Si Yi (Year 3)Silver
Loi Si Xian (Year 3)Silver
Wu Nianyi (Year 3)Silver
Chua Ying Xuan (Year 4)Silver
Esther Lim Minen (Year 4)Silver
Grace Choo Yu Xuan (Year 4)Silver
Koh Rui Qi (Year 4)Silver
Miki Ng Min Qi (Year 4)Silver
Wu Weiming (Year 4)Silver
Yu Lining (Year 4)Silver
Stephanie Low Jingying (Year 4)Silver
Yu Jiahuan (Year 4)Silver
Kee Yi En Zoe (Year 3)Bronze
Clarissa Lim Shu Wei (Year 4)Bronze
Goh Jia Lin Kellisa (Year 4)Bronze
Nicole Tan Kye Wen (Year 4)Bronze
Ong Hui Juan (Year 4)Bronze
Ying Fangfei Anna (Year 4)Bronze
Liu Xin (Year 4)Bronze
Toh Jan Li Charmaine (Year 4)Bronze
Zhou Xinzhuo Kathy (Year 4)Bronze
Rachel Tang Su-En (Year 4)Bronze
Oh Shu Xin (Year 4)Bronze
Chan Pei Shi Nicki (Year 4)Bronze
Chua Jia Ying (Year 4)Bronze
Luo Xiao Ran (Year 4)Bronze
Rachael Hong Pei Wen (Year 4)Bronze
Siew Tser Ying (Year 4)Bronze
Tan Hui Shan, Valerie (Year 4)Bronze

The SJBO is a competition organised by the Singapore Institute of Biology in collaboration with the Science Centre Singapore. It serves as a platform for secondary school students to learn about biology and challenge themselves.

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad
A total of 112 RGS students participated in the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO) 2016, of which, six of them achieved a Gold award, while 10 received a Silver award and three received a Bronze award.

Lee Estelle (Year 4)Gold
Somakala Subbaraman (Year 4)Gold
Ying Fangfei Anna (Year 4)Gold
Vicky Qu Qianqian (Year 4)Gold
Chin Shuen Ern (Year 4)Gold
Jacqueline Tan (Year 4)Gold
Srilatha Pinnamaraju (Year 4)Silver
Fu Jiali Beverly (Year 4)Silver
Teo York Tiang Andrea (Year 4)Silver
Grace Choo Yu Xuan (Year 4)Silver
Sun Yue (Year 4)Silver
Tan Tze Ern Shannon (Year 4)Silver
Toh Jan Li, Charmaine (Year 4)Silver
Yung Jia Hui (Year 4)Silver
Grace Lau (Year 4)Silver
Lee Jie Ying Beatrice (Year 4)Silver
Cherie-Anne Lee Shi Xian (Year 3)Bronze
Pan Yue (Year 3)Bronze
Koh Rui Qi (Year 4)Bronze

The SJChO is a competition organised by the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry in partnership with NUS High School of Math and Science, Nanyang Polytechnic and is supported by the Ministry of Education and the National University of Singapore. SJChO provides a platform for all upper secondary students to challenge themselves in their chemical knowledge and skills, as well as to promote the excitement in learning and doing chemistry.

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad
A total of 77 RGS students participated in the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) 2016, of which, four of them attained a Silver award, 15 attained a Bronze award and 27 received Honourable Mentions.

Pan Yue (Year 3)Silver
Xu Yihan (Year 3)Silver
Sun Yue (Year 4)Silver
Zhu Jiexiu (Year 4)Silver
Grace Chia Yong Yong (Year 3)Bronze
Shi Ruixin (Year 3)Bronze
Fan Jue (Year 3)Bronze
Pang Cheng Kit, Kit (Year 3)Bronze
Li Anqi (Year 4)Bronze
Somakala Subbaraman (Year 4)Bronze
Ying Fangfei Anna (Year 4)Bronze
Grace Choo Yu Xuan (Year 4)Bronze
Koh Rui Qi (Year 4)Bronze
Ang Hui Shan (Year 4)Bronze
Stephanie Low (Year 4)Bronze
Wang Jieying (Year 4)Bronze
Kathy Zhou (Year 4)Bronze
Xia Yaxin (Year 4)Bronze
Hu Xuanyan (Year 4)Bronze

The SJPO is an annual physics competition organised by the Institute of Physics Singapore. It aims to encourage the study and appreciation of Physics among secondary school students.

22nd Youth Science Conference

The Youth Science Conference (YSC) is the culminating event of the Science Mentorship Programmes organised by the Gifted Education Branch, Ministry of Education. The programmes are structured with the aim of developing students' interest and talent in scientific research, providing opportunities for students with interest and aptitude in science to deepen their knowledge in a particular area, helping them learn about the latest research developments and to be challenged by the intellectually stimulating process of scientific research.

A total of 11 Science Mentorship Programme (SMP) teams and nine School-Based Science Mentorship Programme (SB-SMP) teams made up of RGS Year 3 students participated in the YSC this year, of which, five teams achieved the following top awards during the YSC Prize Giving Ceremony held on 17 September at the Singapore University of Technology and Design:

SMP Projects
Names of StudentsAchievementProject TitleTeacher-Advisor
Ho Choy Mun Gabrielle
Anna Kung Hwee Min
3M Young Scientist
Genomic Approach to Predicting Population Differences in Drug ResponseMr Christopher Foo
Rachel Chew Shu Yan
Zhu Yiming
Chan Hsi Min
DistinctionHyaluronic Acid-Tyramine Hydrogel as a Tool for Selection of Cancer Stem CellsMr Shaun De Souza
  Yi Sijun Cathy
Chen Siyu
 Distinction Towards Data Augmentation for Whispered Speech Recognition  Ms Cheong Szu Chuang

SB-SMP Projects
Names of StudentsAchievementProject TitleTeacher-Advisor
Fabrianne Effendi
Jin Minyue
Celine Chua
3M Best Project
Investigating the Efficiency of Different Components of Banana Peels in Removing Copper from Copper (II) Sulphate SolutionMs Goh Hui Lian
Phoebe Belle Tan Ting Ting
Jin Xinyang
Lin Jiachen
GoldThe Antifungal Properties of Sophora FlavescensDr Lim Ai Khim/Mr Chan Sau Siong

Y6.jpg                             (From left) Anna and Gabrielle, together with Guest-of-Honour, Professor Jackie Ying, Executive
                             Director, Institute of Bioengineering & Nanotechnology. The students, who also received the
                             award for 3M Young Scientist, were one of three teams that presented their research project
                             during the awards ceremony.

Y7.jpg                            (From left) Minyue, Celine and Fabrianne, together with Guest-of-Honour, Professor Jackie Ying,
                            Executive Director, Institute of Bioengineering & Nanotechnology. The students, who 
                            received the award for 3M Best Project, also presented their research project at one of the
                            concurrent sessions.

amazing science-x challenge 2016

Six teams of RGS students took part in the Amazing Science-X Challenge (ASXC) 2016 and achieved the following results for the competition:

Team MembersAward
Yuan Yang (Year 2)
Ranait Chan (Year 2)
Hsu Ruo Yan Eunice (Year 2)
Category B
Silver Award and Log Book Prize
Ding Jiayan (Year 1)
Zhou Xinyan (Year 1)
Megan Cheah Shi Qi 
(Year 1)
Category B
Bronze Award
 Zhang Chang (Year 4)
Zhu Jiexiu (Year 4)
Sun Yue 
(Year 4)
 Category B
Special Mention
 Ashita Ashish Sule (Year 2)
Ong Xin Yi Jenna (Year 2)
Ting Jie Xin, Jaslyn (Year 2)
Category B
Special Mention 
Shruthi C Iyer (Year 2)
Caitlin Por Wan Sze (Year 2)
Carissa Ho Min-Yi 
(Year 2)
Wu Jingya (Year 1)
Tan Khin Swee, Elizabeth (Year 1)
Kirthigha Shanmuganantham (Year 1) 

8.ASXC16_Public_Viewing_and_Award_Ceremony_178.jpg                          (From left) The team of RGS Year 2 students Yuan Yang, Ranait Chan and Hsu Ruo Yan Eunice 
                          achieved the Silver Award and the Log Book Prize (Category B) for the competition.

8.ASXC16_Public_Viewing_and_Award_Ceremony_081.jpg                         (From left) The team of RGS Year 1 students Zhou Xinyan, Ding Jiayan and Megan Cheah Shi Qi
                         was the recipient of the Bronze Award (Category B) for the competition.

Organised by DSO National Laboratories, National University of Singapore and Science Centre Singapore, ASXC 2016 challenged participating teams to design and build a stand-alone exhibit that best explains a physical science phenomenon through engaging and exciting ways.

splash awards 2016

Two RGS Year 2 students Ong Xin Yi Jenna and Shruthi C Iyer, obtained a Merit Award (4th position out of 89 teams) in the Pre-Tertiary category of the Splash Awards 2016. Their team, aptly named the Cyber Warriors, were awarded for their Cyber Awareness Texting System (CATS), which aims to combat two cyber-related problems - cyber-bullying and cyber security. Click here to view their presentation.

14115009_10153945984565369_4151912787633556893_o.jpg                  RGS Year 2 students Ong Xin Yi Jenna and Shruthi C Iyer obtained a Merit Award in the Pre-Tertiary
                  category of the Splash Awards 2016.

The Splash Awards 2016, in its 13th edition, was held on 25 August 2016 at the Singapore Management University, Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium. Organised by the Singapore Computer Society, it is a national infocomm competition to engage students through various aspects of infocomm technology by focusing on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship through the development of mobile and web applications.

27th International Biology Olympiad

RGS alumna Li Jiaqi (class of 2014) was part of the team that represented Singapore at the 27th International Biology Olympiad. Held in Hanoi, Vietnam, from 17-24 July 2016, the team's performance in the competition saw them clinching a total of 4 Gold medals, and coming in 1st overall.

The International Biology Olympiad is an annual event where students between the ages of 14 to 19 from all over the world compete on their knowledge of biology.

Pic2.jpg                                                   RGS alumna Li Jiaqi (first from left) was part of the team that 
                                                   represented Singapore at the 27th International Biology Olympiad.

national science challenge 2016

After competing in a series of written test and challenges, a team of RGS Year 3 students have managed to enter the quarter finals of the National Science Challenge 2016. Izavel Lee Shu Yih, Loi Si Xian, Cherie-Ann Lee Shi Xian and Pang Cheng Kit, Kit will be competing against Anderson Secondary School, Catholic High School (Secondary) and School of Science and Technology in the first quarter final round.

Do look out for the televised rounds as all 16 schools, including RGS, compete for the Championship on Mediacorp Channel 5 every Tuesday, 16 August 2016 (7.30pm-8pm) and 23 August to 4 October 2016 (7.30pm-8.30pm).

The National Science Challenge is a nation-wide inter-school science competition where secondary three students from schools across Singapore compete in a range of science activities consisting of both indoor and outdoor challenges.

Photo 1.jpg      (From left) RGS Year 3 students Izavel, Si Xian, Cherie-Ann and Kit will be competing in the first televised quarter finals of
      the National Science Challenge 2016.

creative & heuristic applications of science (chaos) 2016

Two RGS teams of Year 2 students participated in the Creative & Heuristic Applications of Science (CHAOS) 2016, where one of the teams was placed in the Finals alongside those from Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution and NUS High School of Mathematics and Science. The following are their achievements from the competition:

Team MembersAchievement
RGS Team 1
Akshaya Prakash
Liu Fanxi
Chen Xinyi
Tay Wan Ni, Nicole
Commendation Award
RGS Team 2
Ee Ying Qi
He Ruo Qing, Vivien
Thng Yi Jin, Fallon
Zhang Xi, Karen

Finalist-Commendation Award (RGS Team 1).jpg                                                RGS Team 1 (from left) Liu Fanxi, Tay Wan Ni, Nicole and 
                                                (extreme right) Akshaya Prakash (not in picture: Chen Xinyi) with
                                                Mrs Deborah Tan, Director of Gifted Education and student emcees for 
                                                the competition.

IMG_8065.JPG                          Finalist team and student supporters, together with teacher, Ms Asta Leow.

CHAOS is a multi-disciplinary science competition organised by the Ministry of Education and National University of Singapore, supported by the Defence Science and Technology Agency and DSO National Laboratories. It focuses on utilising creative and critical thinking skills in problem-solving. It aims to provide an opportunity for students to apply creative and heuristic problem-solving skills to real-world case studies using an interdisciplinary approach and to develop in students research and independent learning skills, and the value of teamwork.

FUture problem solving program international conference 2016

RGS teams gave a good showing at the Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) Conference. Here are the results:

  1. Community Problem Solving - Middle Division, 3rd in the Health & Human Services Category
  2. Global Issues Problem Solving - Middle Divsion, 1st

The FPSPI Conference was held at the Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA, from 1 to 5 June 2016.

odyssey of the mind 2016 world finals

Three RGS teams participated in the Odyssey of the Mind 2016 World Finals, and the following are their achievements from the competition:

Problem 3: Classics... Aesop Gone Viral
Teams create and present an original performance about a fable gone "viral". The problem includes a list of fables attributed to Aesop, where they select one and portray it, and its moral, as going viral - that is, being shared throughout the community and beyond. Set in a past era, the performance includes a narrator character, an artistic representation of the fable's moral, and a character that makes a wrong conclusion about the moral and is corrected.
DivisionTeam MembersRank
IIMichele Pek Jia Hui (Year 2)
Beth Lim Shi Yu (Year 2)
Helen Claudia Maria Yu-Hwei T (Year 2)
Tan Yanning (Year 2)
Wei Li Lin Lily (Year 2)
Nursyarifah Bte Abdullah (Year 2)
Yap Cai Ni (Year 2)

Miss Nicole Na (Teacher-Mentor)
IIIRobyn Wong Min Xuan (Year 4)
Cassandra Chan Xian Ci (Year 4)
Valerie Lu Xuanhui (Year 3)
Audrey Wan Earn Jia (Year 3)
Zara Asriani Bte Mohd Asri (Year 4)
Ong Si Yi Louisa (Year 4)
Su Yishan (Year 3)

Ms Christie Chan (Teacher-Mentor)

Problem 4: Stack Attack!
Teams design, build and test a structure made only of balsa wood and glue that will balance and support as much weight as possible - twice. During weigh-placement, teams can "Attack the Stack", where they remove all of the weights except for the bottom one and the crusher board. After attacking the stack, the weight placement process can be repeated to add to the total weight held. Teams incorporate weight-placement, repetition, and attacking of the stack into the theme of the performance.
DivisionTeam MembersRank
IILee Wen Ling, Cheryl (Year 2)
Leong Ling Hui, Natalie (Year 2)
Liyana Afiqah Bte Mohd Faizal (Year 2)
Cheng Zhi Ying (Year 2)
Chan Syn-I (Year 2)
Jyotsna Ramakrishna (Year 2)
Charmain Yap Jie Min (Year 2)

Mr Yang Kai/
Miss Larisa Loke/Ms Magdalene Suey(Teacher Mentors)

A competition emphasising creativity and teamwork, OM has grown into one of the largest international creative problem-solving competitions worldwide. This year, it was held at the Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA from 25 to 28 May and saw over 800 teams from around the world compete in the competition.


RGS alumna Clara Keng Hui Lin (class of 2015) represented Singapore at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in the Material Science Category with her project 'Tailored Synthesis for Morphology Control of Hematite Nanoparticles'. Clara had worked on this project, along with Chow Kit Min (River Valley High School) in 2015 the Research@YDSP.

Pic3.jpg                                           RGS alumna Clara Keng Hui Lin together with her Teacher-Advisor, Mr Shaun
                                           De Souza.

RGS Year 3 student Chan Hsi-Min was the Singapore delegate for the Broadcom MASTERS International. The Broadcom MASTERS International brings together the world's brightest middle school students, where delegates participate in specialised programming, fun and engaging hands-on science and engineering activities, and also attend activities at the Intel ISEF.

Pic6.jpg                                            RGS Year 3 student Chan Hsi-Min together with her Teacher-Advisor, Mr 
                                            Shaun De Souza.

Held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA from 8-13 May 2016, the Intel ISEF is a programme of the Society for Science & the Public (SSP), and is the world's largest international pre-college science competition. Approximately 1,760 high school students from over 77 countries, regions and territories participated in this annual event this year to showcase their independent scientific research.

A*star Talent search (ats) 2016

A26.jpg                                               RGS alumna Li Jiaqi was awarded the ATS 2016 Commendation Award.

A*STAR Talent Search (ATS) is an annual competition for students aged 15 to 18 years old. Sponsored by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and organised with the support of the Science Centre Singapore (SCS), it recognises students who have a strong aptitude in science and engineering, and have a passion for research, and winners are selected from the pool of participants of the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF).

ICYS pic.jpg                                              In addition, Jiaqi attended the 23rd International Conference for Young
                                              Scientists (ICYS) in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and achieved the Gold Award
                                              (top award) for the Life Sciences Category for the presentation of her
                                              research project.

international clean tech competition 2016

A total of 15 RGS teams from the Year 4 Raffles Academy (Biology) and Cogitare took part in the International Clean Tech Competition 2016 and the following are their achievements from the competition:

Team MembersProject TitleAward
Wee Ee Dawn (Year 4)
Watt Sook Yim (Year 4)
Koh Rui Qi (Year 4)
Dr Lim Ai Khim (Teacher-Advisor
Effect of BPA found in tap water on male and female reproduction and design of solutionFinalist
 Kristen Tay Yee Shen (Year 4)
Izzy Seah (Year 4)
Lim Yong Qi Jamie (Year 4)
Dr Lim Ai Khim (Teacher-Advisor)
Reversing effect of BPA in plastics on human reproduction by electrochemical removal of BPA from water  Semi-Finalist (Top 30 out of nearly 800 projects submitted)
  Clarissa Lim Shu Wei (Year 4)
Nicole Tan Kye Wen (Year 4)
Tan Ying Lin Valeska (Year 4)
Dr Lim Ai Khim (Teacher-Advisor)
 Removal of Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) in plastic products using laccase extracted from Tricholoma matsutake waste immobilised in chitosan film Semi-Finalist (Top 30 out of nearly 800 projects submitted)
Li Anqi (Year 4)
Ng Jing Ni (Year 3)
Kit Pang (Year 3)
Mr Chan Sau Siong (Teacher-Advisor)
Increasing convenience through optimal placement of recycling binsSemi-Finalist (Top 30 out of nearly 800 projects submitted)

The competition is a worldwide research and design challenge that allows pre-college youths to foster a deeper understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related concepts by encouraging the innovation of environmentally friendly solutions to solve real-world issues. Every year, the International Clean Tech Competition addresses an issue that is grounded in core technology competency areas and finalists will get to present their innovations in the United States. This year, the challenge was to 'Make An Impact' by designing a clean and green solution to mitigate the negative impact of plastics.

38th international c.b. paul science quiz 2016

The students from RGS Cogitare have done the school proud with the following achievements at the 38th International C.B. Paul Science Quiz 2016:

Name of StudentIndividual Achievement
Cherie-Anne Lee Shi Xian (Year 3)Gold Medal
Liu Xin (Year 4)Gold Medal
Zhu Xiuhua (Year 4) Gold Medal
 Liu Chuyue (Year 4) Gold Medal 
 Akshaya Prakash (Year 2)Silver Medal 
 Ng Jing Ni (Year 3)Silver Medal 
Chin Xing Yi Rebecca (Year 3) Silver Medal  
 Liu Jiaxiu (Year 3) Silver Medal 
 Wan Yuanjun (Year 3) Silver Medal 
 Kaitlyn Lee Si Yi (Year 3) Silver Medal 
 Li Anqi (Year 4) Silver Medal 
 Jacqueline Tan Hui Juan (Year 4) Silver Medal 
 Lim En Qi (Year 4) Silver Medal 
 Cai Jia Lin (Year 4) Silver Medal 
 Kang Su Min (Year 4) Silver Medal 
Chen Xinyi (Year 2)  Bronze Medal
 Tay Wan Ni, Nicole (Year 2)Bronze Medal 
 Izavel Lee Shu Yih (Year 3)Bronze Medal 
 Zhang Xinyi (Year 4)Bronze Medal 
 Koh Rui Qi (Year 4)Bronze Medal 
 Grace Choo Yu Xuan (Year 4)Bronze Medal 
 Yu Jiahuan (Year 4)Bronze Medal 

This year, a total of 50 students from both Singapore and overseas took part in the quiz, which comprises of questions from various subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science from the 'O' Level curriculum and beyond. The total haul of 4 Gold, 11 Silver and 7 Bronze medals makes it the highest achievement ever for RGS in this competition.

The International C.B Paul Science Quiz is a competition organised by Anglo-Chinese Junior College Science and Mathematics Council, in collaboration with the Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore and College of Science, Nanyang Technological University. It is an annual event that aims to provide a platform for students to develop their aptitude and potential in the pure and applied sciences through independent work and applying critical thinking.

Young defence scientists programme (ydsp) congress 2016

The Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP) Congress was held on 30 March 2016, marking its 10th anniversary of the annual event. The Guest-of-Honour for the congress was Acting Minister for Education and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Defence, Mr Ong Ye Kung, who presented the following awards to our students:

  • YDSP Scholarship Award - presented to Integrated Programme (IP) Year 3 students who have outstanding academic results and a passion in science and technology.

Rachel Chew.jpg               Year 3 student Rachel Chew Shu Yan receives the YDSP Scholarship Award.

Ng Jing Ni.jpg               Year 3 student Ng Jing Ni receives the YDSP Scholarship Award.

Wong Zi Xin Avellin.jpg               Year 3 student Wong Zi Xin Avellin receives the YDSP Scholarship Award.

  • YDSP Academic Award - recognises outstanding achievements in Mathematics or Physics.

YDSP_Phy.jpg               Year 4 student Teo York Tiang Andrea receives the YDSP Academic Award (Physics).

YDSP_Math.jpg                Year 4 student Li Anqi receives the YDSP Academic Award (Mathemtics).

19th nanyang polytechnic astronomy competition

Nine RGS students from Cogitare participated in the 19th Nanyang Polytechnic Astronomy Competition. Held on 11 March, the competition saw participants from 15 other schools battling it out for the top spot. After an intensive preliminary round, the top three students from RGS proceeded on to the final round of the competition and emerged Champions for the competition!

Jacqueline_Jing Ni_Izavel.png   Champion team from RGS (from left): Jacqueline Tan Hui Juan (Year 4), Ng Jing Ni (Year 3) and Izavel Lee Shu Yih (Year 3).          Jacqueline was also a recipient of the top individual award!

Combined photo.png    Cogitare teacher-in-charge Mr Chan Sau Siong together with the other RGS participants: (sitting, from left) Loi Si Xian
    (Year 3), Liu Xin (Year 4), Kaitlyn Lee Si Yi (Year 3), (standing, from left) Chong Ming Sim (Year 2), Megan Cheah Xin Yan
    (Year 3), Jing Ni, Izavel, Jacqueline and Tay Wan Ni, Nicole (Year 2).


The Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) is the pinnacle of science and engineering research competitions locally. This year's SSEF saw close to 600 students and 320 research projects on display during the final judging. This prestigious competition culminates in the selection of finalists to represent Singapore in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), the Olympics equivalent of science fairs internationally. This year's Intel ISEF will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, from 8-13 May 2016.

This year, a total of 26 RGS projects were submitted for the SSEF and the following are the results from the competition:

Team MembersProject TitleAward
Chan Hsi-Min (Year 3)
Mr Shaun De Souza (Teacher-Advisor)
A biocompatible, non-fouling twitter-ionic hydrogel for biomedical applicationsJunior Scientist Category 
2016 Broadcom MASTERS International Delegate for Singapore (internationally, 25 middle school participants from 18 selected countries have been selected for the honour)
Tay Yong Ling (Year 4)
Wong Jiaying Clarice (Year 4)
Ms Cheong Szu Chuang (Teacher-Advisor)
Investigation on functional child-robot interactions modalitiesMerit
 Wee Ee Dawn (Year 4)
Grace Lau (Year 4)
Ng Yu Xin (Year 4)
Mr Yang Kian Hong (Teacher-Advisor)
 Effect of different disinfectants of swimming pool water on strength and physical external surface of human hair Merit
Special Award for Curiosity by the Chapter of Clinician Scientists and Yale-NUS College
Li Anqi (Year 4)
Chin Shuen Ern (Year 4)
Huang Xueli (Year 4)
Ms Carmen Hoo (Teacher-Advisor) 
 Distances in graphs obtained by connecting cyclesBronze 

The following are results achieved by RGS alumnae in the competition:

Team MembersProject TitleAward
Clara Keng Hui Lin (Year 4 - 2015)
Mr Shaun De Souza (Teacher-Advisor)
Hydrothermal synthesis of hematiteGold
One of the Singapore representatives at the 2016 Intel ISEF
Clara-Ann Cheng Ling (Year 4 - 2015)
Kelly Siah Xinjie (Year 4 - 2015)
Mr Shaun De Souza (Teacher-Advisor) 
 Silicone-based thermal protective materials Silver
Special Award for Effective Science Communication by the Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science (SAAS)
Koay Tze Min (Year 4 - 2015)
Mr Shaun De Souza (Teacher-Advisor) 
Creating a context-aware search engine with machine learning techniquesBronze
Wang Beini (Year 4 - 2015)
Mr Shaun De Souza (Teacher-Advisor)  
 Detection of secondary surveillance radar (SSR) spoofing using signal multi-alteration Merit 

S33.jpg                                                            RGS Year 3 student Chan Hsi-Min was awarded the best
                                                            project in the Junior Scientist Category and will be part of
                                                            the 2016 Broadcom MASTERS International Delegate for 

S28.jpg                                            RGS alumna Clara Keng Hui Lin (class of 2015) (second from left) was awarded
                                            Gold for her project and will represent Singapore at the 2016 Intel ISEF.