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International competitions and assessments for schools

This year, 401 RGS students from Year 1-4 sat for the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS Science). The participating students performed admirably with more than 40% of them achieving High Distinction and Distinction Awards. In addition, Year 1 student Sherelle Lim Kai Xin and Year 2 student Chloe Guo Yitian were the ICAS Science Medal Winners for their respective levels.

ICAS is administered by the University of New South Wales. Each year, it takes place in schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, the Pacific region and South Africa. Students with the top score in each level are awarded a medal and a medal winner's certificate.


RGS teams achieved the following results at the West Zone Centre of Excellence Science Students' Symposium (WZCOE SSS) 2017:

Name of Students
Project Title
Ranait Chan
Chia Ying
Sim Shan Mei Amanda
(all in Year 3)
Use of indoor air-purifying plants to remove VOCs (air pollutants)
Best Team Award (Green Category)
Mr Benjamin Lee
Phee Shayne
Megan Toh Jia Qi
Tan Jia Qi, Sheredine
Gopalakrishnan Anushuya
(all in Year 3)
Investigating the concentration of butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and paraben in adult cosmetics
Participation (R&D Category)
Mr Benjamin Lee

Ranait, Amanada, Chia Ying 6.jpeg                      (From left) RGS Year 3 students Chia Ying, Amanda and Ranait achieved the Best Team Award (Green
                       Category) at the WZCOE SSS 2017.

The WZCOE SSS was held at River Valley High School on 26 July 2017. The theme for this year's symposium was 'Science for the Next Generation'. The symposium aims to encourage students to continue their pursuits for scientific excellence, and be creative and innovative in their science research.

East zone a*star science fair

Four teams from RGS participated in the annual East Zone A*STAR Science Fair, which was held on 17 July this year. The following are the achievements of our students at the fair:

Name of Students
Project Title
S Sandiyashini
Yong Wei Ning
Roshini Selvakumar
(all in Year 3)
Removal of Copper (II) Ions Using Low Cost Natural Materials
Bronze (Open Category)
Ms Nina Chun
Alissa Hsuen Valdepenas
Gao Wenjie
Lim Jia Hui
Jasmine Lai Shi May
(all in Year 2)
Effect of Type of Oil and Duration of Stirring Time on Methyl Ester Yields
Bronze (Lower Secondary Category)
Ms Nina Chun
Ruchira Ramaswamy
Dharshini Boopathy
Shwetha Thiyagarajan
(all in Year 3)
The Effect of Temperature on FFA Content in Vegetable Oils
Ms Nina Chun
Lew Zhiyi
Helen Claudia Maria Yu-Hwei T
(all in Year 3)
Modelling of Heat Transfer by Different Materials in Cooking Vessels
Mr Christopher Foo

Roshini_Sandiyashini_Yong Wei Ning.jpg                  (From left) Year 3 students Roshini, Sandiyashini and Wei Ning achieved the Bronze Award in the Open
                  Category for their project.

Gao Wen Jie_Lin Jia Hui_Alissa_Jasmine Lai.jpg                    (From left) Year 2 students Wen Jie, Jia Hui, Alissa and Jasmine achieved the Bronze Award in the Lower
                    Secondary Category for their project.

This competition gives secondary school students the experience of conducting an investigative science project and provides students with a platform to exhibit and share their findings with others. Over 90 projects were submitted this year.


Six teams from RGS Cogitare participated in the Clean Tech Competition, of which three teams entered the semi-final round (only the top 30 teams out of more than 300 teams from all over the world were selected for this round). Of the three RGS teams in the semi-finals, one of the teams, consisting of Year 4 students Pang Cheng Kit, Kit, Chan Hsi-Min and Ng An Tong clinched the Top 10 Finalist Award at the State University of New York on 14 July for their project on 'Device for Air-Conditioning Units to Solve Transmission of Diseases in Offices'.

Photo 1.jpg                                      (From left) RGS Year 4 students An Tong, Kit and Hsi-Min from Cogitare clinched the
                                      Top 10 Finalist Award at this year's Clean Tech Competition.

The Clean Tech Competition is a unique, worldwide research and design challenge for pre-college youth. The programme encourages scientific understanding of real-world issues and the integration of environmentally responsible energy sources. It is designed to foster a deeper understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related concepts, recognise outstanding talent, and prepare the next generation of globally competitive innovators.

INTERNATIONAL YOUNG PHYSICIsts' tournament - results

Competing on home ground, the Singapore Team has emerged as overall champion at the 30th International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT). Congratulations to the team, which includes RGS alumnae Wang Huaijin and Rachel Qing Pang (this is the first time RGS alumnae have been selected to be on an IYPT team)!

IMG_8246.jpg                                     RGS alumnae Rachel Qing Pang (second from left) and Wang Huaijin, together with
                                     their teammates from Raffles Institution and NUS High School of Mathematics and
                                     Science achieved top placing at the 30th IYPT.

The IYPT is a competition for secondary and pre-university students to solve complicated, open-ended scientific problems in teams. Participants have to apply what they learnt in Physics to solve these problems. They first carry out research, proceed to modelling, and then experimentation. The teams will also have to give an oral defence of their proposed solutions to the given problems before experts and peers.

intel international science and engineering fair 2017

RGS alumna Clara Keng (class of 2015) (right in photo above) and Chow Kit Mun from River Valley High School won the second prize in the Material Science Category with her research on optimising magnetorheological fluids (a type of fluid that turns rigid in a magnetic field) for prosthetic knee applications.

RGS alumna Teo York Tiang Andrea (class of 2016) obtained the fourth prize in the Translational Medical Science Category for developing an automated, sensitive and inexpensive platform to assess the toxicity effects of drugs on human heart muscle cells. She also obtained special awards from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the National Anti-Vivisection Society.

Singapore was also represented by RGS Year 4 student Chan Hsi-Min, who developed an inexpensive and accurate paper-based test kit for Zika.

Held in Los Angeles, California, USA from 14-19 May 2017, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair is the world's largest international pre-college science competition. Every year, more than 1,750 high school students from about 75 countries, regions and territories showcase their independent research. This year, the Singapore team submitted four individual projects and two team projects, which collectively garnered a bumper crop of seven awards at the fair.


Congratulations to RGS alumna Rachel Qing Pang (class of 2016) for being the first prize winner of the A*STAR Talent Search (ATS) Award 2017! At the awards ceremony on 28 April 2017, which was held together with the Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF) Awards Ceremony, RGS was also awarded second prize based on the performance of RGS students in both SSEF and ATS 2017.

ATS_P1.jpg                         RGS alumna Rachel Qing Pang is the first prize winner of the A*STAR Talent Search 2017.

ATS_P2.jpg                         On behalf of the school, RGS Deputy Principal, Academic Studies, Ms Chin Jen Fu, receives the
                         second prize award based on the performance of our students in both the SSEF and ATS 2017.

ATS is a new initiative to reward students aged 15 to 21 years old who have performed well in scientific research, where candidates are required to showcase their research projects in the SSEF for the first round of judging. Short-listed candidates will then undergo at least two more rounds of selection before the winners emerge. The panel of judges consists of distinguished scientists from local and international universities, as well as A*STAR research institutes and a Nobel Laureate. ATS winners need to display resourcefulness, mastery of scientific concepts, as well as passion for scientific research.

It is part of the A*STAR Graduate Academy's Youth Science outreach to schools with the aim to inspire and sustain a passion in science in the young in Singapore. It also provides students the opportunity to showcase their stellar projects and encourage them to further explore science and technology. ATS is organised with the support of Science Centre Singapore.

future problem solving program international conference 2017

RGS teams gave a good showing at the Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) Conference. Here are the results:

Global Issues Problem Solving - Middle Division, 1st
(Year 4)
Moh Jin Yin
Joy Sim Yuan Ning
Teo Xuan Hui Lynette
Quek Lin Yuan

Scenario Writing Team Competition - Middle Division, 1st

Oei Chiu Ping, Kathryn (Year 4)

Community Problem Solving - Middle Division, 2nd in the Education Category

Project Bluetick (Year 3)
Thet Hnin Khin Khin
Soong Rou Yi
Natasha Ong Yi Teng
Nadine Lee Xin Jie
Wong Chia Ying
Regin Ow Chi Yin
Sun Ru
Lee Kyu Min

Scenario Writing Team Competition - Middle Division, 2nd
Megan Yeo Shu'En (Year 3)

The FPSPI Conference was held at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA, from 7 to 11 June 2017.

cpib short story writing competition 2017

RGS Year 2 student Clarissa Wong Wern Ting was awarded the Merit Prize in the Secondary School Category for her short story "A Gift in Darkness" at the CPIB Short Story Writing Competition 2017.

In conjunction with International Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December 2016, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) launched the competition, which saw participants writing about how life would be for them, their families and friends if they live in a city tainted with corruption, greed and decadence. By the closing date of the competition on 30 April 2017, the CPIB had received 275 entries.

odyssey of the mind 2017 world finals

RGS teams have done the school proud at this year's Odyssey of the Mind (OM) World Finals, with one of the teams getting the Ranatra Fusca Creativity Award for demonstrating outstanding creativity.

A total of five RGS teams took part in the competition this year, of which three teams were placed in the Top 10.

A competition emphasising creativity and teamwork, OM has grown into one of the largest international creative problem-solving competitions worldwide. This year, it was held at the Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA from 24 to 27 May and saw over 850 teams from around the world compete in the competition.


Congratulations to RGS alumnae Wang Huaijin and Rachel Qing Pang who have been selected to represent Singapore at the International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT) 2017. This is the first time that RGS alumnae have been selected to be on an IYPT team. Incidentally, Singapore will be hosting the tournament this year, which will take place at the National University Singapore from 5-14 July.

We wish them all the best of luck for the competition!

singapore young physicists' tournament

The Singapore Young Physicists' Tournament (SYPT) tests participants' ability to solve complicated real-world physics problems. The competition seeks to bring students through a process of what physicists do - from research to modelling, experimentation, and finally, to an oral defence before peers and experts. The SYPT provides authentic learning experiences in the learning of physics.

The selection for SYPT 2017 was held in November 2016, and this culminated in the finals in January 2017, where RGS Team 2 attained 4th place - a first for RGS as the school has never progressed beyond a Bronze Award in the competition before.

Pic2.jpeg            (From left) RGS Team 1 Ying Fangfei Anna, Zhu Xiuhua (Team Leader) and Li Anqi (not in picture) attained Special
            Mention while RGS Team 2 (from right) Somakala Subbaraman, Kaitlyn Ng Ke Yi and Rachel Qing Pang (Team
            Leader) attained 4th place. They are all from the class of 2016.

Participants of the SYPT stand to represent Singapore in the International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT), and this year, Singapore will host the IYPT for the first time at the National University Singapore from 5-14 July.

young defence scientists programme congress 2017

Six RGS students and alumnae received the following awards at the Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP) Congress 2017:

YDSP Scholarship Award
(presented to Integrated Programme Year 3 students who have outstanding academic results and a passion in science and technology)
  1. Tay Wan Ni, Nicole (Year 3)
  2. Cheri Teo (Year 3)

YDSP Academic Award (recognises outstanding achievements in Mathematics or Physics)
  1. Felice Png Song Ting (Year 4) - Academic Award (Mathematics)
  2. Chong Wei Ming (RGS Class of '16) - Academic Award (Mathematics)
  3. Qin Ai Xin (Year 4) - Academic Award (Physics)
  4. Rachel Qing Pang (RGS Class of '16) - Academic Award (Physics)

YDSP Congress_Group Photo.jpg                From left: Nicole, Cheri, Felice, Guest-of-Honour and Senior Minister of State for Defence,
                Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, Ai Xin, Wei Ming, Rachel and RGS Head, Talent Development,
                Mrs Tan Yin Lai.

Held on 11 April 2017, the YDSP Congress is the culmination of all YDSP activities for 2016. Participants in the programme had the opportunity to present their projects and share their experiences from activities organised through the YDSP.

The congress also showcased the work that participants, under the guidance of YDSP mentors, have undertaken in 2016. This is an intensive programme lasting up to four months, which allows students to be immersed in a real-life research environment. The project by Arielle Koh, Tan Xiao Wei and Nicole Zhao was one of the projects selected to be presented to guests during the keynote address. Each unique project, presentation and booth at the congress was the culmination of hard work and commitment, and we would like to commend the following RGS students and alumnae:

Project Title
Qin Ai Xin (Year 4)
Cherilyn Chia (Year 4)
Novel 3D-Planar Microwave Passive Structures and Components in Multi-Layered PCB Technology
Arielle Koh (Year 4)
Tan Xiao Wei (Year 4)
Nicole Zhao (Year 4)
Novel 3D-Planar Microwave Passive Structures and Components in Multi-Layered PCB Technology
Tan Jia Hui Sofia (RGS Class of '16)
Natural Frequency Analysis and Experiments
Rachel Qing Pang (RGS Class of '16)Dynamics of Parametrically driven Gyroscope
 Lee Jie Ying Beatrice (RGS Class of '16)Water Antenna Array
 Shi Hui Ling (RGS Class of '16)The Design of an Abstract Metaphorical Architecture for the 'C' Programming Language

singapore science & engineering Fair 2017

RGS students demonstrated their aptitude and commitment in scientific research at the Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF), clinching three Gold and two Merit awards. This year, 318 out of 636 projects were shortlisted for SSEF 2017, and of those, 20 were projects by RGS students.

The shortlisted projects were exhibited and judged at the SSEF 2017, held on 8 and 9 March, where the budding young scientists presented their respective projects in three to five vigorous rounds of judging by panels of highly-acclaimed scientists.

DSC_3256.jpg                          From left: RGS Teacher-Advisor Mr Shaun De Souza, RGS alumna Rachel Qing Pang, RGS Year 4
                          student Chan Hsi-Min, RGS alumna Teo York Tiang Andrea, Prof. Jackie Ying, Executive Director,
                          Institute of Bioengineering & Nanotechnology (IBN) and Ms Noreena AbuBakar, Director, IBN.
                          Rachel, Hsi-Min and Andrea attained Gold awards for their respective projects. Andrea and
                          Hsi-Min were also selected to represent Singapore at the prestigious International Science &
                          Engineering Fair (ISEF), to be held at Los Angeles, California, USA, from 14-19 May 2017.
                          Hsi-Min is the second secondary school student in the 17-year history of SSEF to represent
                          Singapore at the ISEF.

The following is a list of achievements by RGS students and alumnae from SSEF 2017:
Name of Student
Project Title
Chan Hsi-Min (Year 4)
Rapid and Selective Zika Diagnostics Using an Inexpensive Paper-Based Serological Flow Platform
Mr Shaun De Souza
Rachel Qing Pang (RGS alumna)
The Physics of the Levitron
Mr Shaun De Souza
Teo York Tiang Andrea (RGS alumna)
Generating Highly Enriched Human Cardiomyocytes for Drug Toxicity Studies
 GoldMr Shaun De Souza 
 Amirah Bte Shaik Ahmed Ally (RGS alumna)
Synergistic wound healing effect of polymeric hydrogel films co-delivering β-lapachone and epidermal growth factor
 MeritMr Shaun De Souza 
 Koh Rui Qi (RGS alumna)
 Antimicrobial hydrogels with broad spectrum of actionMerit
 Mr Shaun De Souza 
Pang Xin Ler (Year 4)
Tan Hui Ying (Year 4)
Gayathri Basker (Year 4)
 The Effect of Naturally-Occurring Plasticizers on the Tensile Strength of Thermoplastic StarchNUS-Yale Special Award
Ms Goh Hui Lian/Mr Benjamin Lee
 S Sandiyashini (Year 3)
 Investigation of Effect of Potassium Hydroxide and Sodium Hydroxide Catalyst Concentration on the Yield of Methyl Esters made through transesterification of soybean oil and methanolCommendation Award
 Ms Nina Chun

SSEF is an annual competition for secondary and pre-university students to present their scientific research conducted in the past year.

The media challenge 2017

Team Spotlight from RGS won the Best Social Media Engagement Campaign at The Media Challenge 2017, where judges were impressed with the team's high quality of work, dedication to the task, and ability to put together a comprehensive social media campaign.

For the challenge, students had to propose a cause they are passionate about and pitch it to the Editor of Youth.SG, a lifestyle and news website covering entertainment, the latest trends, and issues facing Singaporean youths today. Team Spotlight promoted their cause to minimise food wastage through various social media platforms such as Facebook.

The Media Challenge 2017 was organised by the Diploma in Mass Communication, Republic Polytechnic. Held from 13-15 March 2017, the event saw the participation of 31 teams from 22 secondary schools with over 150 students.

Best Social Media Engagement Campaign Raffles Girls School.jpg                     RGS team Spotlight won the Best Social Media Engagement Campaign at The Media Challenge 2017.