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2018 Youth Science conference

The 24th Youth Science Conference, held on 15 September 2018 at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, showcased over 70 projects by students from 15 different schools through poster and oral presentations. The eight RGS Science Mentorship Programme (MP) teams brought pride and joy to the school when they were awarded a total of five Distinction and three Merit awards. Of the five Distinction award recipients, two teams also clinched the 3M Best Poster Award. The award-winning teams are listed below:

Team MembersTeacher-AdvisorProject TitleAward
Lee Shi Mei, Charmaine (Year 3)
Tay Jia Ying (Year 3)
Xie Jinghan (Year 3)
Ms Carmen HooIn vitro skin models to evaluate wound healing3M Best Poster Award
Distinction Award
Hu Xinghui (Year 2)Ms Goh Li MengA number theoric distribution problem3M Best Poster Award
Distinction Award
Tong Rui En  (Year 3)
Lee Yuan Xi  (Year 3)
Chua Xin Ying, Gladys (Year 3)
Ms Carmen HooOptimisation of efficiency of organic solar cellsDistinction Award
Gwen Yeo Wenning (Year 3)
Tay Jia Wen (Year 3)
Ms Cheong Szu ChuangHardware and software development of post-knee tele-rehabilitationDistinction Award
Su Rui (Year 3)
Chia Jin Hui, Rachel (Year 3)
Ms Cheong Szu Chuang3D-printing of curved panpipesDistinction Award 

In addition, the RGS School-Based Science Mentorship Programme (SB-SMP) team did the school proud by attaining a bronze award. The award-winning team is listed below:

Team MembersTeacher-AdvisorProject TitleAward
Chew Jia Ying, Chloe (Year 2)
Ashley Peng Shi Ying (Year 2)
Kathryn Chia Songqi (Year 2)
Ms Nina ChunEffectiveness of homemade sunscreens using natural ingredientsBronze Award

2018 YSC_Outstanding Mentor.jpg                                                      Ms Carmen Hoo was awarded the 2018 SMP Outstanding
                                                      Mentor Award!

SMP and YSC Grp Pic1.jpeg    Well done to all the participants and teacher-advisors!

2018 International torrance legacy invention awards

For the first time, a group of RGS Year 2 students submitted entries for the 2018 International Torrance Legacy Invention Awards and achieved the following results:

Arts and Leisure Category
                Name of Student                
Cheung Wing Lam Cyan
Chan Shin Leng, Adrienne
Kwey Ying Xuan
Pang Ler Yng

Science and Engineering Category
Name of Student
Glenda Tan Hui En
Hong Wan Jing
Boo Xuan Pei Alyssa
Vijayakumar Rittambhra Rani
Ong Jing Mei
 Rithikha Ranganathan
Kirthana Ramanan

Toys and Games Category
Name of Student
Nadra Binte Hamdan
Goh Yi Qing Phylicia

The International Torrance Legacy Invention Awards is part of the International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards that offer students from all over the world a distinct opportunity to submit their creative works in four major areas: Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Music Composition and Invention. For more details, please visit www.centerforgifted.org/torrance.html.

Singapore junior biology olympiad 2018

Our upper secondary students took part in the Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO) 2018 and achieved the following results:

Name of Student
Fam Kaining Caitlin (Year 4)
Kate Lu (Year 4)
Koh Ler Ting (Year 4)
Lee Jie Yi (Year 4)
Chen Yixin (Year 3)
Loi Zi Xian (Year 3)
Angeline Lai Rui Xi (Year 4)
Chong Ming Sim (Year 4)Silver
Christine Ng Huixian (Year 4)Silver
K. Sarvesha (Year 4)Silver
Lee Wen-Min, Chloe (Year 4)Silver
Lee Xin Yi Nicole (Year 4)Silver
Liu Fanxi (Year 4)Silver
Reshmaa Selvakumar (Year 4)Silver
Roshini Selvakumar (Year 4)Silver
Shanna Ng Ann Qi (Year 4)Silver
Shruthi C Iyer (Year 4)Silver
Suan Enhui (Year 4)Silver
Tan Su Min Charmaine (Year 4)Silver
Chloe Guo Yitian (Year 3)
Christen Ong En Ya (Year 3)
Pang Hsien Teng Elody (Year 3)
Tang Yun (Year 3)
Xu Siyan (Year 3)
Caitlin Por Wan Sze (Year 4)
Chen Yunru (Year 4)
Chong Shu Ting (Year 4)
Li-Ann Tan (Year 4)
Phee Shayne (Year 4)
Ranait Chan (Year 4)
Yap Cai Ni (Year 4)
Zhang Qianyu (Year 4)
Alesha Johanes (Year 3)
Goh Shi Sien Sarah (Year 3)
Marie Ng Min Rui (Year 3)
Megan Precious Kang (Year 3)
Ong Wanqing Vanessa (Year 3)
Pan Yongjing (Year 3)
Phebe Lew Yu (Year 3)
Tay Jia Wen (Year 3)
Wu Jingya (Year 3)

           (From left) Caitlin, Kate (Team Leader), Jie Yi, Ler Ting and Tang Yun entered the Practical round of the SJBO and
           achieved 2nd place. They are pictured along with Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Science Centre Board Chief

SJBO is organised by the Singapore Institute of Biology in collaboration with Science Centre Singapore, and supported by the Ministry of Education. It provides a platform for upper secondary students to challenge themselves further in the area of Biology, and is an initiative built on their strong grasp on fundamentals. It focuses on critical thinking skills and aims to develop a holistic culture and passion as students learn to apply Biology in their daily lives. It also gives students an early taste of the International Biology Olympiad, in which the Singapore team has consistently ranked within the top three for the past six years.

East zone a*star science fair 2018

Three RGS Year 4 teams and one RGS Year 2 team participated in the East Zone A*STAR Science Fair 2018 and achieved the following results:

Group MembersTeacher-MentorProject TitleAchievement
Ng Li Lin, Evonne
Yu Yiwei
Ang Jya Yin Jessie
(all Year 4s)
Ms Nina ChunComparison of effect of catalyst concentration and a characterisation of biodiesel made from canola oil and pork lardBronze
(Open Category)
Fiona Qiu Yunqian
Zou Jiayue
Lin Lixuan
(all Year 2s)
Ms Nina ChunRemoval of acid red dye by egg shellsParticipation
(Lower Secondary)
Caitlin Por Wan Sze
Lim Zhi Xuan
Glenda Chiang
(all Year 4s)
Dr Lim Ai KhimInvestigation on the effect of chitosan-sodium alginate balls on the rate of deterioration of carica papaya Participation
(Open Category)
 Carissa Ho Min-Yi
Adele Pang Yi-En
Chong Tze Yuen, Korryn
(all Year 4s)
 Mr Christopher FooTo determine the concentration of cations, anions and ascorbic acid leached from Chinese medicinal herbs  Participation
(Open Category)

IMG-20180801-WA0002.jpg                      (From left) Ang Jya Yin Jessie, Yu Yiwei and Ng Li Lin, Evonne was awarded the Bronze medal for their project.

The East Zone A*STAR Science Fair is a competition sponsored by A*STAR and is held every year to give secondary school students the experience of conducting an investigative science project, and provide them with a platform to exhibit and share their findings with others.

ydsp science & technology camp 2018

During the June holidays, two RGS Year 3 students Chepurthy Varnika and Teo Jie Xuan participated in a five-day YDSP Science & Technology Camp, where they were introduced to theoretical and practical knowledge in Big Data Analytics through lectures, hands-on activities and competitions. They did RGS proud by emerging as champions in a combined team competition, along with their teammates from RI. For the competition, the students had to go through three rounds of competition: Using Raspberry Pi to construct a smart house, big data abstraction and a cryptography competition.

YDSP Sci and Tech Camp.jpg   Congratulations to the team!

singapore youth science fair 2018

Three RGS Year 2 teams participated in the Singapore Youth Science Fair (SYSF) 2018 and performed admirably, achieving the following results:

Team MembersTeacher-MentorProject TitleAchievement
Thilagar Preethi
Bay Kai Fen Kylie
Zhang Yifei
Ms Nina ChunEffect of edible coatings on shelf-life of fruitDistinction
Maggie Yao Chai Yinzhi
Lao En Xing
Chloe Ong Jingwen
Dr Prama SundariInvestigation of the effectiveness of different plant-based filters for filtration of Escherichia coli and chloride ions in wastewaterCommendation
Best Written Report
 Prisha Ramesh Babu
Senthilkumaran Shruteekha
Srinithy Nagarajan
Vencillaa Henry Daniel Chitra
Ms Christine TanSources of plastic pollution on the shores of SingaporeParticipation 

Nina.jpg        (From left) Students Kylie and Thilagar Preethi, along with their teacher-mentor Ms Nina Chun.

Sundari.jpg                                 (From left) Students En Xing, Maggie and Chloe received a Commendation Award for
                                 their project. They were also awarded for the Best Written Report.

The SYSF, formerly known as the Shell-Singapore Youth Science Fair, has been conducted for more than 30 years since the 1980s. The re-branded SYSF, which started in 2014, is designed to promote scientific study through investigative-type projects in science, encourage the use of creative and innovative methods in problem-solving and heighten students’ awareness and generate interest in science research and technology development.

F1 in schools national finals 2018

RGS teams participated in the F1 in Schools National Finals 2018 and achieved the following results:

TeamGroup MembersAward/s
Amanda Chan Wen Xin, Jillian Ashleigh Loh Li Ann, Maegan-Ruth Tan Hui En, Goh Xin Ru Karin, Lee Jia E, Jeanette, Xie Yuhan
(all in Year 2)
Overall Champions
Gemma Eunice Mollison, Koo Ii, Tan Xuan En, Priscilla Lim Zhi Xuan, Megan Cheah Shi Qi, Goh Shi Sien Sarah
(all in Year 3)
2nd Place
Best Marketing and Sponsorship
Best Team Identity
Best Portfolio
Best Verbal Presentation
Anushka Daga, Nafisa Tasnia Shahriar, Adithi Vasudevan, Chang Li-Ann, Chloe Guo Yitian, Zhou Xinyan
(all in Year 3) 
3rd Place
Best Engineered Car
Best Pit Display
 Impavidus    Amanda Tan Ngya Leng, Naomi Ng Hui, Tong Zayn, Treruangrachada Anantaya Kylin, Chloe Neo Yi Ting, Chow Rae Yun, Claire
(all in Year 2)    
 Fastest Car
 Veliore Poh Yee Zhen, Ada, Tan Ethel, Janine Chew, Josephine Ng Mei, Charmaine Ng Kai Xin, Yang Yiran
(all in Year 3)
 Best Social Media Strategy
 CentaurioHeidi Lim She-Anne, Low Tiat Kai, Amanda Lai Mun Yee, Calista Por Li Sze, Koay Tze Erhn, Sivakumar Avanthika (all in Year 2) Knock-Out Race Champions

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-23 at 10.26.28 AM(1).jpeg

Congratulations to the teams!

irc-set cONFERENCE 2018

Three RGS teams were shortlisted for the International Researchers Club-Science, Engineering and Technology (IRC-SET) Conference this year and had their papers published. Two of the RGS teams also attended the conference and gave a poster and verbal presentation respectively. The following is the list of achievements by the teams:

Group MembersProject TitleAward/s
K. Sarvesha (Year 4)
Suan Enhui (Year 4)
Performance Analysis of TV Whitespace and LoRa Wireless Communication Technologies for Internet of Things (IoT) ApplicationsCertificate of Publication
Best Poster
Tan Wan Lin (Year 4)
Kwa Minyi Samantha (Year 4)
Li Xingqi (Year 4)
Absorbance/Fluorescence SpectrophotometerCertificate of Publication
 Koh Yi Hui (Year 4)
Wong Lin, Rachel (Year 4)
Suitability of Ministry's guidelines on weight of school bags for secondary school students' postureCertificate of Publication 

The annual IRC-SET Conference aims to provide a platform for researchers to share their results, obtain comments and exchange innovative research ideas in multi-disciplinary areas.

Photo 1.png                            Students (from left) K. Sarvesha, Xingqi, Enhui and Tan Wan Lin all received a Certificate of 
                            Publication for their papers.

Photo 2.png                         K. Sarvesha and Enhui also received a Best Poster Award during the Conference.

Spark it challenge

A team of RGS Year 1 students participated in the Spark IT Challenge and won the Best Field Research Award! Students Pooja Sankar, Chezhian Nandhana, Hemalatha Anbukkani Vevega Vathani and Avanthi Vasudevan, mentored by Senior Teacher, Mrs Leung Hui Leng, were among the youngest of about 20 groups of student participants. For the challenge, they designed an app that aims to educate and encourage girls to consider emerging STEM careers other than the conventional medicine and law.



Spark IT is a two-day youth-led design challenge that focuses on leveraging technology to solve education issues. This hackathon brings together students, educators and community experts/mentors to explore possibilities and propose solutions to transform future classrooms. In addition to problem-solving, the challenge provides students the opportunity to experience project-based and inquiry learning, and apply 21st century skills in an authentic learning context.

Kids’ Lit Quiz™ World Final 2018

A team of RGS Year 1 students comprising Saara Katyal, Natalie Tan Kyi Ann, Faith Tan Xin Ning and Nicolle Yeo Minh competed in the National Finals of the POSB-NLB Kids' Lit Quiz™ 2018 on 20 April and emerged as National Champions. They then went on to represent Singapore at the Kids' Lit QuizWorld Final 2018 on 4 July, which was held at St Kentigern Boys' School, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand, and emerged 2nd, making it the best showing by Singapore since we started taking part in 2014!

Congratulations to the team and their teacher-mentor, Assistant Head, English Literature, Ms Malyanah Binte Mawar!

The Kids' Lit Quiz is an international literature competition for young people aged 10 to 13. Held annually, students pit their wits against one another to answer questions on children's books ranging from classics to comics.

36673548_604283109970779_2289783400644476928_o.jpg      Year 1 students (from left) Nicolle, Faith, Saara, and Natalie, along with their teacher-mentor Ms Malyanah Binte
      Mawar (extreme left) and teacher-chaperon Ms Michelle Liu. Congratulations to the team on their 2nd placing at the
      Kids' Lit Quiz™ World Final 2018!

the media challenge 2018

Congratulations to RGS team Project Instar for winning the Most Promising Cause for their campaign idea at The Media Challenge (TMC) 2018! The team, made up of four of our Year 2 students, impressed the panel of judges with their cause to educate the public on the unrealistic portrayal of body image by the media and the negative consequences of people who may not know better and would aim to attain those unrealistic body shapes.

Find out more about their campaign ideas through their Facebook and Instagram pages!

TMC is a signature outreach event organised by the Diploma in Mass Communication, Republic Polytechnic. Held from 11-13 June 2018, this year's event saw the participation of 16 teams from 13 secondary schools with over 60 students.

Photo 1.jpg                   Project Instar, made up of RGS Year 2 students (from left) Lao En Xing, Sangeetha Thanabalan, Goh Su En
                   and Ng Jing Wei, won the Most Promising Cause at The Media Challenge 2018.

future problem solving program international conference 2018

Congratulations to the following RGS teams for their achievements at the Future Problem Solving Program International Conference (FPSP IC) 2018:

Community Problem Solving – Middle Division, Grand Champion
(Year 4) – Project Bluetick
Thet Hnin Khin Khin
Soong Rou Yi
Natasha Ong Yi Teng
Nadine Lee Xin Jie
Wong Chia Ying
Regin Ow Chi Yin
Sun Ru

Global Issues Problem Solving – Middle Division, 1st
(Year 4)
Lee Xin Yi, Nicole
Helen Claudia Maria Yu-Hwei Trenner
Amanda Ng Wen Qi
Letisya Tan

Global Issues Problem Solving – Middle Division, 4th
(Year 4)
Amrithavarshini Satheesh
Gabrielle Ng Ming En
Ng Jing Ting
Zhang Yurou

The FPSP IC 2018 was held at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA from 6-10 June.


Congratulations to the following RGS teams for their achievements at the Odyssey of the Mind (OM) 2018 World Finals:

Animal House (Division II) - 22nd
(Year 2)
Allyscia Clare Pereira
Wee Jie Minn Phoebe
Tay Ee Shuen Megan
Ng Ying Tong Gwendolyn
Claudia Toh Wen Fei
Lim Gek Woon Cera
Khoo An Xian

Animal House (Division III) - 6th
(Year 3)
Richelle Jiayi Prakashan
Lee Yi Shyan
(Year 4)
He Ruoqing Vivien
Lee Wen Ling Cheryl
Michele Pek Jia Hui
Chan Syn-I
Teo Jing Yi Jesslyn

Classics... Mockumentary! Seriously? (Division II) - 16th
(Year 2)
Er Kay Lynn
Megan Sierra Chan
Sue Le Qi Vivien
Tay Li Ann
Tham Yun Xin
Charlene Chua Yan Ling
How Le Alicia

Classics... Mockumentary! Seriously? (Division III) - 4th
(Year 3)
Chua Yuen Chloe
Nabonita Sen
Claudia Lim Song Qi
Tay Hye Der Heather
(Year 4)
Jyostna Ramakrishna
Leong Ling Hui Natalie
Charmain Yap Jie Min

Emoji, Speak for Yourself (Division II) - 7th
(Year 2)
Chen Hui Hsuen Letitia
Lara Tan Rui-Qi
Krystal Tan Yu Qiao
Chow Jean Yun
Amelyn Ng Hwee Ern
Harmony Lau Jue Eern
Zhao Yi Lin

Stellar Hangout (Division III) - 4th
(Year 3)
Noelle Ng Na En
Lee Rui Xuan
Tran Hien Anh
Celine Lee Shi Ying
(Year 4)
Ashley Lee Shi Hui
Liyana Afiqah Bte Mohd Faizal
Tan Yanning

Triathlon Travels (Division II) - 16th
(Year 2)
Janessa Valencia Guo Jiaxuan
Sia Jia Rui
Teo Sui Leng
Chere Low
Aw Si Yu
Liu Xinan
Sun Xiaoqing

A competition emphasising creativity and teamwork, OM has grown into one of the largest international creative problem solving competitions worldwide. This year, it was held at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA from 23-26 May and saw over 835 teams from around the world compete in the competition.

A*STar talent search 2018

Congratulations to RGS alumna Jovi Koh Li (class of 2016) for receiving a Merit Award at the A*STAR Talent Search 2018!
                                                  RGS alumna Jovi receives the Merit Award from Professor Arieh
                                                  Warshel, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (2013).
The A*STAR Talent Search (ATS) is an initiative by the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR). Launched in 2006 to reward students who have performed well in scientific research, it is an annual competition that acknowledges and rewards students aged 15-20 years old who have a strong aptitude for science and technology. Candidates are required to showcase their research projects at the Singapore Science & Engineering Fair for the first round of judging. Shortlisted candidates will then undergo at least two more rounds of selection before the winners emerge. The panel of judges is helmed by a Nobel Laureate and consists of distinguished scientists from local and international universities, as well as A*STAR research institutes. ATS winners need to display resourcefulness, mastery of scientific concepts, as well as passion for scientific research.
           Other participants of the ATS alongside RGS Principal, Mrs Poh Mun See and Assistant Head, Talent Development,
           Mr Shaun De Souza.

singapore science & engineering fair 2018

The Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF) is a national competition organised by the Ministry of Education. This year, a total of 673 projects were entered for the competition, of which 320 were shortlisted for judging on 8 and 9 March, where budding young scientists presented their respective projects in three to five vigorous rounds to a panel of highly-acclaimed scientists. 14 RGS projects were shortlisted for the round of judging, and the following is the list of achievements by RGS students and alumnae from SSEF 2018:

Name of Student
Project Title
Ho Choy Mun Gabrielle (RGS Class of '17)
FAT10 Haplotypes as a potential biomarker for cancer
Mr Shaun De Souza
Jin Xinyang
Lin Jiachen
(all from RGS Class of '17)
 Sophora flavescens: Bioactive compounds in a novel water filter Silver
Yale-NUS Special Award
 Dr Lim Ai Khim
 Kwa Minyi Samantha
Tan Wan Lin
Li Xingqi
(all Year 4)
 Absorbance/Fluorescence SpectrophotometerMerit Ms Cheong Szu Chuang 
 Koh Jin Ann, Arielle
Tan Xiao Wei
Nicole Zhao
(all from RGS Class of '17)
 Miniaturisation of Microwave Modules with Artificial Transmission Lines MeritMr Shaun De Souza 
Qin Ai Xin (RGS Class of '17) Phased Array Studies for System Applications  Merit Mr Shaun De Souza

SSEF_2018_358.JPG                RGS Year 4 students (from left): Wan Lin, Xingqi and Samantha received a Merit award for their project.

SSEF_2018_484.JPG                 RGS alumna Vicky Qu Qianqian (Class of '16) will be representing Singapore at the International Science &
                 Engineering Fair 2018, which will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, from 13-18 May for her project
                 on 'Cell-Surface Engineering of Glycosaminoglycan Mimetics for Targeting Parkinson's Disease'.

young defence scientists programme congress 2018

Five RGS students and alumnae received the following awards at the Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP) Congress 2018:

YDSP Scholarship Award (presented to Integrated Programme Year 3 students who have outstanding academic results and a passion in science and technology)
1. Nicole Lim Re Gin (Year 3)

YDSP Academic Award (recognises outstanding achievements in Mathematics or Physics)
1. Chen Xinyi (Year 4) – Academic Award (Mathematics)
2. Chen Siyu (RGS Class of ’17) – Academic Award (Mathematics)
3. Beth Lim Shi Yu (Year 4) – Academic Award (Physics)
4. Megan Cheah Xin Yan (RGS Class of ’17) – Academic Award (Physics)

RGS_Grp_251.JPG        From left: Xinyi, Beth, Nicole, RGS Director, Academic Studies, Mr Michael Jalleh, Guest-of-Honour and Senior
        Minister of State, Ministry of Defence & Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, RGS Assistant
        Head, Talent Development, Mr Shaun De Souza, Siyu and 

Held on 16 April 2018, the YDSP Congress is the culmination of all YDSP activities for 2017. Participants in the programme had the opportunity to present their projects and share their experiences from activities organised through the YDSP.

The congress also showcased the work that participants, under the guidance of YDSP mentors, have undertaken in 2017. This is an intensive programme lasting up to four months, which allows students to be immersed in a real-life research environment. Each unique project, presentation and booth at the congress was the culmination of hard work and commitment, and we would like to commend the following alumnae (they are all from RGS Class of '17):

Name of StudentProject Title
Qin Ai XinMicrostrip antennas and antenna arrays
Koh Jin Ann, Arielle
Tan Xiao Wei
Nicole Zhao
Enabling technologies for miniaturisation of microwave channelised receivers in advanced air-borne radio frequency sensor applications
 Chua Wan Ning
Janika Oh Ja-Min
Design, build and test fly radio-controlled mini-blimp/airship 
 Chin Xing Yi RebeccaFormal software verification techniques and tools 
 Wong Zi Xin, AvellinTerrain classification for positive and negative obstacle 

Green wave environment care competition

Congratulations to RGS Year 4 students Ashita Ashish Sule, Woo Hoi Yuet, Cheng Zhi Ying and Thng Yi Jin, Fallon for winning the Commendation Award for their project ‘Haze Runners’ at the 2017 Green Wave Environment Care Competition!

Their project aims to counter the limitations of current measures to combat the haze situation within households. To read more about it, click here!

Photo 1.jpeg               (From left) RGS Year 4 students Zhi Ying, Fallon, Hoi Yuet, and Ashita, pictured with Teacher-Mentor
               and Head, Professional Development, Miss Foo Ling Ling (extreme left) and Principal Mrs Poh Mun See,
               received the Commendation Award for their project during the award ceremony on 2 February 2018 for
               the 2017 Green Wave Environment Care Competition.

Launched in 2003, the Green Wave Environmental Care Competition aims to inspire the younger generation to take ownership and proactive action in caring and protecting the environment. It also seeks to nurture participants' passion in translating their creative ideas into green innovations for environmental improvement.

singapore young physicists' tournament 2018

The Singapore Young Physicists’ Tournament (SYPT) tests participants’ ability to solve complicated real-world physics problems. The competition seeks to bring students through a process of what physicists do – from research to modelling, experimentation, and finally, to an oral defence before peers and experts. The SYPT provides authentic learning experiences in the learning of physics.

An internal selection for RGS teams to participate in SYPT 2018 was held in August 2017, and this culminated in the national finals in January 2018, where RGS Team B attained a Silver Award! Congratulations to the team!

Photo 2.jpeg                                                Congratulations to RGS Team B (from right) Year 4 students
                                                Bai Yuanyuan, Tay Wan Ni, Nicole and Shen Yuchen 
for attaining Silver
                                                at the 2018 SYPT! They are pictured along with RGS alumna Wang Huaijin,
                                                who represented Singapore at the 2017 International Young Physicists'
                                                Tournament and also assisted in coaching the RGS team for the tournament.