Uniformed groups achievements 2014

RGS Alumna awarded the Singapore Red cross president's youth award

RGS Alumna Sy Hildy Lynn (Year 4, 2013) has been awarded the Singapore Red Cross President's Youth Award. Bearing the rank of Senior Warrant Officer, Hildy worked hard to inspire a shared vision among her peers, and under her leadership from 2012 to 2013, the Red Cross Youth unit of RGS thrived and won the Gold Excellence Unit Award.

The Singapore Red Cross President's Youth Award is awarded to the most outstanding cadets in recognition of their exemplary contributions and achievements. The individual would demonstrate leadership qualities, possess good academic scores, and be knowledgeable about the global perspective and current affairs of the Red Cross.

IMG_0036.jpg                                             Hildy with RGS Deputy Principal (Student Development) Ms May Tan.