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         Congratulations to Year 4 RGS students (from left) Ni Chenfei Emily, Hong Lin Shang, Kaelynn Yap and Koh Ler Ting
         for receiving the President's Guide Award! They are pictured together with Deputy Principal, PeRL & Community
         Engagement, Mrs Mary George Cheriyan (extreme left) and Teacher-in-Charge, Girl Guides, Ms Diana Goh.

Four RGS students received the President's Guide Award at the Istana on 6 December 2018.

The President's Guide Award is the highest level of achievement for a Guide and is given out by the President of Singapore. It is awarded in recognition of a Guide's love for Guiding, her commitment towards the Guiding Movement, and her efforts in upholding Guiding values and skills to respectable standards.

awards for rgs uniformed groups

For their achievements in 2017/2018, the RGS Uniformed Groups received the following awards in 2018:

1.11 CCA_Girl Guides__EDK1975-Edit_web res.jpg
1.10 CCA_Girls Brigade__EDK1938-Edit_web res.jpg
1.12 CCA_NCC__EDK2050-Edit_web res.jpg
1.13 CCA_NPCC__EDK2180-Edit_web res.jpg
1.14 CCA_Red Cross Youth__EDK9463-Edit_web res.jpg

Girl Guides
President's Guide Award (2017)
1. Nurin Hasha Bte Jubir (Year 4'17)
2. Low Jia Yi (Year 4'17)
3. Victoria Ong Shu Yee (Year 4'17)
4. Phua Kai Yi (Year 4'17)
Baden Powell Award (2017)
1. Tan Xiao Wei (Year 4'17)
2. Shweta D/O Kunaciilan (Year 4'17)
3. Kelly Poh Xinhui (Year 4'17)
2 Puan Noor Aishah Unit Awards (2018): Gold

Girls' Brigade
The Girls' Brigade Company Gold Award (2018)
Pioneer Brigader Brooch Award (2018)
1. Angeline Lai Rui Xi (Year 4)
2. Guo Qintong Irene (Year 4)
3. Lee Jian Yin Deborah (Year 4)
4. MaryAnn Tay Ying Kee (Year 4)

National Cadet Corps (Land)
Best Unit Competition: Gold (2017)
Outstanding Cadet Award (2018)
Nur Ainin Sofea Bte Ismail (Year 4)
 Precision Drill Squad Competition 2018: Champion Girls' Team
 Freestyle Drill Competition 2018:
Best in Peacock Drill
2nd in Central District (Zonal)

National Police Cadet Corps (Sea)
SPF-NPCC Badge (2018)
1. Wong Chia Ying (Year 4)
2. Tiffany Fong Jia Hui (Year 4)
3. Syu Rui Ying (Year 4)
Best Unit Cadet (2018)
Tiffany Fong Jia Hui (Year 4)
Unit Overall Proficiency Award: Gold (2017) 

Red Cross Youth
Excellence Unit Award: Gold (2018)
Director's Award (2018)
Sim Shan Mei Amanda (Year 4)
 First Aid Competition:
Gold (Senior)
Silver (Junior)

pioneer brigader brooch award

Congratulations to our following Year 4 students from Girls' Brigade (GB) (45th Singapore Company) for receiving the Pioneer Brigader Brooch (PBB) Award:

  • Guo Qintong Irene
  • Lee Jian Yin Deborah
  • Angeline Lai Rui Xi
  • Maryann Tay Ying Kee

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-09 at 11.24.06 AM.jpeg
             Congratulations to RGS Year 4 students (from left) Angeline, Maryann, Deborah and Irene for receiving the
             PBB Award! They are pictured here together with (from right) Director, Talent Development & Student Outreach,
             Miss Yeo Soo Ling, Teachers-in-Charge, GB, Ms Ling Shuang Ning and Mrs Lee Hwee Ling and Company Chaplain,
             Ms Sandra Tan, who also received the 15-Year Long Service Award at the ceremony.

The PBB is the highest local award a GB girl can achieve. Besides completing the Pioneer syllabus, girls are assessed based on Exemplary Character, Leadership Qualities and Participation. A total of nine GB girls received this prestigious award this year during the PBB and Officers' Service Awards Presentation on 7 July.