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RGS Perbayu - Pursuing Passions Webinar 2021

On 20 October 2021, the RGS Perbayu alumnae hosted a dialogue, ‘Pursuing Passions’ virtually over Zoom. The session provided an opportunity for our alumnae to engage current RGS’s Malay/Muslim girls by regaling them with interesting accounts of their experiences after graduating from RGS. Joining the session was RGS Principal, Ms Haslinda Zamani, teachers from the Malay language department and representatives from the school’s Communications and Partnerships team.


The four alumnae invited to address the girls were MP Mariam Jaafar (Class of 1994), Ms Nadia Yeo (Class of 2002), Ms Atiqah Halim (Class of 1997) & Ms Zafirah Zein Class of 2008).They reflected fondly on how their 4 years in RGS have laid a strong foundation and given them a solid grounding which helped them in their career and in pursuit of their respective passions.

The panel reminded the current generation of RGS girls that there is no one journey or single formula for success. While the girls may have had a shared RGS experience, each girl will have to navigate her own path in life, one dotted with different challenges and triumphs. 

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Acknowledging that although some girls may not yet have a ‘dream’ in mind, they should not lose sight of opportunities that present themselves and are encouraged to consider venturing through doors that may open along the way, while at the same time taking responsibility for their own choices in life.

The girls were also reminded to leverage on the support system around them - in particular, their family and friends - and to continue to build and value relationships that may well last a lifetime. The speakers recalled how they came across many RGS alumnae as they journey through life. Despite coming from different cohorts, they could somehow bond easily because of a shared sisterhood forged through the school.

Nadia also spoke about the book she co-edited - ‘Unprecedented: To the Beat of Her Own Drum' - which was written by and which featured, inter alia, some RGS alumnae. The anthology showcases stories of resilience, courage, compassion and the commitment of 20 young Malay/Muslim women as they surmounted obstacles to reach their own version of success.

The book is available for ordering online via https://tinyurl.com/YWILDunprecedented

RGS would like to thank the organisers, Ms Attiya Ashraf (Class of 2011) and Ms Amelina Abdul Ghani (Class of 2007), as well as the speakers for carving out time from their busy schedule to provide this enriching talk to our girls. We are confident that your sharing will continue to inspire our girls in pursuit of their respective passions.

You can reach out to them via their RGS Perbayu Alumnae Network email rgsperbayualumnae@gmail.com