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Founder's Day 2009

Friday, 06 March 2009

​When everyone else was winding down on Friday 6 March 2009 after a week of work and school, RGS came to life with music, dance and drama at twilight! This was certainly a different Founder's Day from all others because, for the first time in the history of the school, RGS' 130th Founder's Day was celebrated at night.

As the sky began to darken, the stage was set for a memorable night. Our Guest-of-Honour, Ms Lim Soo Hoon, Permanent Secretary, Public Service Division, Prime Minister's Office, arrived to a warm welcome home to her alma mater. In her message to the school, she spoke of the need to be worthy people with good values for this is what sets good leaders apart form able ones.

Mrs Julie Hoo, our Principal, had returned from an overseas trip to Abu Dhabi that very morning, not having slept on the plane but no one would have known this because she was filled with enthusiasm and vigour for the occasion. Mrs Hoo reminded the RGS girls of the importance and need to serve the nation and community because they had been blessed with gifts and talents, and to live up to the school motto 'Daughters of a Better Age'. She also revealed the year's calendar of activities to celebrate RGS' 130th anniversary of its founding. This is also a significant year in which RGS will see many alumnae re-connect with the school at RGS130: Homecoming the next day, Saturday 7 March 2009.

For the girls, the highlight must have been the concert. Through drama, dance and music, the history of RGS was re-told and made magical by the lights, the glorious costumes and the night sky. There wasn't a single heart that wasn't beating with delight and school spirit as the concert came to a close all too soon. And so the girls lingered on with cheers and songs that brought to the fore their camaraderie and the pride they have for RGS. Truly, once an RGS girl - always an RGS girl!​​