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Giving the RGS Welcome

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Raffles Girls' School's Open House 2009 attracted a record 3153 visitors. One of the most significant events in the school’s calendar, OH aims to give potential students and their parents a better insight into RGS and its programmes, its culture and ethos, CCAs and people.​

The event, which took months of careful planning and organisation, saw participation of many, from the Principal, Deputy Principals and Directors to teachers, students, non-teaching staff and PRGS members. Even the cleaning crew played their part.

Comprehensive to a fault, OH featured talks on the various programmes offered by the school, forums with alumni and parents of RGS students, as well as departmental and CCA booths displaying designs and paraphernalia unique to the subject or activity. In view of the H1N1 alert, the organizers left little to chance, specially setting up stations to record the relevant particulars of visitors for possible contact tracing.

Live performances by the Symphonic Band, Chinese Orchestra, Raffles Ringers and the Guitar Ensemble gave the occasion a carnival-like atmosphere while the cheers by the Sec Ones, now fully initiated, rang through the school. The snazzy moves of the house cheerleaders kept everyone riveted.

At the registration booth, each family was given a goody bag containing the Raffles Programme Prospectus, RGS Information booklet, a copy of the Spiral magazine, some information sheets and a door gift. To make touring the school fun, an activity card found in the goody bag could be completed with stickers collected from specific booths, then exchanged for a set of mementos.

Principal Mrs Julie Hoo said, ‘The Open House was a good opportunity to see RGS in action, and for me, what was heartwarming was seeing the way the girls earnestly and wholeheartedly shared their feelings about RGS, and the way the staff worked as one to ensure a good turnout, and to solve problems adroitly.’