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Nurture @ Kebun Baru Community Club

Service-learning is an important part of RGS’ holistic education. Through service-learning projects, RGS girls increase their awareness of social issues as well as cultivate a greater sense of respect and empathy for members of the community and engagement to society.​

As part of their service-learning project, a group of RGS students have been volunteering in the CDC Nurture Programme at the Kebun Baru Community Club. Over a span of 30 weeks, the students spend their Saturday afternoons interacting with needy children, reading to them, working with them to solve puzzles and doing arts and craft to stimulate the children’s creativity. 

The Nurture @ Kebun Baru Community Club video (below), courtesy of the Central Singapore CDC, shows the RGS students in action. This video​ features students from class 206 - Rachel Koh, Yong Xin Jie, Amanda Lee, Debra Quek and Nechie Than Lwin. 

Through such programmes, RGS girls are given the opportunity to provide mentorship, forge bonds and friendships with needy children. In return, they learn the value of selfless giving, compassion and civic duty, giving back to a society that has given them so much.