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Singapore Bicentennial Commemoration in RGS

RGS commemorates the bicentennial of the founding of Singapore in 1819. For us, the bicentennial takes on an added significance as the school is named after the person widely credited for the founding of the British port and settlement – Sir Stamford Raffles.

From humble beginnings in 1844 as a one-room department in a boy's school (Raffles Institution), it was only in 1879 that RGS was established as a separate school for girls. Thus, the following commemorative events is also an opportunity for us to revisit the original goals of the school:

1 February 2019: Launch of the Bicentennial Commemoration in RGS

Our Year 2 students kick-starting the Singapore Bicentennial Commemoration in RGS with a skit during morning assembly. Click to our Instagram post here to view a snippet of their skit!

4 April 2019: Hall Assembly Programme

Various student groups present on the school's journey as part of the wider goals of the nation (Development of Leadership, Promotion of Local Languages and Promotion of Local and Regional Knowledge).

19 July 2019: The Bicentennial Experience @ Fort Canning

Students were treated to a multimedia sensory experience back in time to witness key moments of Singapore’s transformation from the year 1299 until the present times as part of ‘From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience’.

As part of a collaborative effort between the RGS History Team and the National Museum of Singapore (NMS), our Year 1 students also participated in an additional learning journey to the NMS to explore key artefacts that are part of Singapore’s history.