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RGS 140 Homecoming

Calling all Rafflesians!!! The final HOMECOMING at our Anderson Road campus will take place on 17 AUGUST 2019, 11.30AM – 3PM. This will be your final chance to walk through this campus and relive many good memories of the days of old. Reminisce with former teachers, catch up with old friends, be entertained by performances by current and former RGS girls (many of whom are now well-known personalities in the entertainment industry)...

Five satellites will be set up to showcase the memories of the various generations of alumnae:

Before 1969: satellite @ Evelyn Norris Hall

1970 – 1979: satellite @ Evelyn Norris Hall

1980 – 1989: satellite @ Koi Pond

1990 – 1999: satellite @ Mini-Amphitheatre

2000 – 2018: satellite @ Gym/Walkway along the field/Netball courts


Please scan the QR code below or click here to register and let us know what time you would most likely be coming down for the HOMECOMING. To capture the many faces of RGS girls young and old, we will also be putting up a collage of RGS faces in the shape of the RGS school crest at the HOMECOMING. If you would like to be part of the collage, do provide your photo as indicated when you register.

Look out for more announcements as more exciting details of the Homecoming will be coming your way. See you soon.