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About Us

The Hong Leong Foundation Filiae Centre is committed to helping students thrive within the RGS community and maintain lifelong wellness practices. We are here to help students who may need assistance in a variety of areas.


The mission of the Hong Leong Foundation Filiae Centre is to create a culture that supports the personal development and academic success of students using an integrative, holistic framework. Through inclusive and collaborative programming, support services and campus initiatives, the Centre cultivates engagement in lifelong wellbeing practices that enhance students’ ability to thrive within the RGS community and beyond.

Areas of Focus

  • Promote self-care and personal growth
  • Enhance intellectual progress
  • Cultivate mindfulness and reflection
  • Strengthen physical and emotional health
  • Support students in distress
  • Foster community through meaningful connections

Meet our Staff

The Hong Leong Foundation Filiae Centre is staffed with four full-time counsellors and a Student Services Officer. They provide help with questions or concerns related to school, home, friends, career and personal matters. They are also familiar with agencies and resources that are available for situations that are beyond the responsibility or capability of the school.

  • Ms Karen Lau, School Counsellor
  • Mrs Mariya Angelova, School Counsellor
  • Ms Amalina Binte Yahya, School Counsellor
  • Ms June Heng, Educational & Career Guidance Counsellor
  • Ms Ginny Lim, Senior Officer, Student Services