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Biodiversity Seminar by SVIA Group TheWildSide

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Nature on its own does not have a voice, but we as youths do. It’s Time for Nature. 

What started off as an ambitious suggestion grew into fruition on the 5th of June, when Environmental Student-Initiated Values-in-Action (SVIA) group TheWildSide hosted their inaugural Biodiversity Seminar. With more than 50 participants from 11 youth project groups all over Singapore, the conference was ablaze with participants’ passion for environmental conservation. 

The team had the pleasure of inviting Professor Shaun Lum, Mr Lim Cheng Puay and Mr Aldrin Tee. These prominent experts in the local biodiversity scene imparted their extensive knowledge through their thought-provoking speeches. Other prominent nature organisations such as Nature Society Singapore and Roots & Shoots presented their youth outreach programmes to the participants. Also in attendance were former RGS students Kelsia Tan (Class of 2014) and Natalie Quah (Class of 2017). They encouraged all participants to pursue their passions, and struck up light-hearted conversations with the participants.

Many participants found the seminar an eye-opening experience that allowed them to network with like-minded peers in the biodiversity scene.

Brought to you by your friendly local lemurs,
TheWildSide Core Team’21

Reflections by Participants
“Props to the team that made the handbook and all the aesthetics including the backgrounds. They were amazing! It was also very interesting that all the keynote speakers prepared slides which is very good for visual learners! In addition, the Q&A felt very friendly and it was amazing that you provided the option for a listener to ask a question anonymously because many webinars don’t do that and its quite the scary thing. Lastly, personally I feel that the sharing from each organisation/school was very enriching because we got to see what every school was doing! Very good job done :)))”
- Participant, Nanyang Nature Society

“The sheer range of topics and the number of different groups brought together is amazing. Wonderful job to the team!! :D”
- Participant, RGS Cogitare Club

Reflection by Chairperson

“It was with the collective effort of the organising team, as well as the core team, that the seminar was ultimately a success. What started off as a far-fetched idea, transformed into a seminar with more than 50 participants in the course of four months. I feel that the journey was as important as the seminar itself. Being the first time that such a seminar was being organised, a lot of logistics needed to be procured, and there was a concern of the interest of students from other schools. However, with detailed planning and the guidance of our teacher-in-charge, Mr Shaun De Souza, we were able to put together an enriching line-up of key-note speakers, partner organisations and even student activists. On a whole, putting the seminar together was truly a one-of-a-kind experience, and I had a great experience organising it with my team! I hope that future batches of TWS continue to hold the torch high and make the Biodiversity Seminar a prominent landmark of Youth Nature Advocacy in Singapore.”
- Alysa Lee (RGS Year 4 student), Chairperson of TheWildSide’21