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Broadcom Masters reflection


“Who are we? We’re Broadcom Masters!!” This signature cheer is the hallmark of my week at Broadcom Masters International. Together with young innovators worldwide, we toured NASA’s bustling control room, dove into the world’s largest indoor pool, smashed speeding protons at CERN and followed the computer as it shrank from room-sized to a little chip on your fingernail.

After learning about the rehabilitation of seals, the White Team (the Wild White Wolves), which I was in, became vertical kelp farmers to prevent marine habitat destruction by climate change. These marine plants capture carbon and provide habitats for countless animals.

Not only did I find friends who shared my love for astronomy, I also journeyed to the forefronts of scientific research. It really is incredible, how much mankind has discovered, and how much more is waiting on the horizon. The international efforts in our pursuit to understand Nature and the Universe are a shining emblem of the importance of global collaboration, more so during these trying times fraught with instability. On the final day, during the Circle Ceremony, we celebrated our belief in the possible.

Because as long as we believe in the possible, the impossible of the now will become the possible of the future.