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FPSP Singapore Scenario Writing Competition 2021

Scenario Writing is a creative writing activity for individual students, which offers them the opportunity to create a short story of 1,500 words, set at least 20 years in the future, arising from any one of the FPS topics set for the year.

The following are excerpts from our students' reflections on their Scenario Writing journey.

"Through the course of this project, I have developed my writing and research skills. My characterisation has become more well-developed through developing the ability to utilise foreshadowing, and highlighting the character's struggles and behavioural changes through the passage of time. I also saw growth in my skill of world building by integrating wearable technology such that it played a relevant and integral part in the plot. However, one major factor of this growth must be attributed to the constructive feedback from my teacher-mentor and FPS peers, and my willingness to accept such feedback to continually strive for improvement.

I also learnt how to conduct research on a topic I was interested in. At the start of my scenario writing journey, I remembered feeling daunted by research sources. The sheer amount of words in research papers were overwhelming for me to the point that I was antsy and unfocussed when skimming through the first few papers. However, it is only through practice that I am slowly but surely developing the skill of reading sources selectively yet comprehensively and critically. I am also able to demonstrate better skills in analysing literature by being able to synthesise various information with various perspectives presented to me."

- by Glenda Lim (Year 2)

"Throughout the course of the project, I learnt to conduct research on the topic I was deeply invested in. The research process allowed me to better develop my skills of discerning information to evaluate their trustworthiness and relevance to the topic. This is because precision is important when trying to find specific information and link it back to the topic.

Since writing about futurism requires realistic creativity, I think my creativity has been honed, and I have developed myself to broaden my mind and sphere of thinking, and have been opened to so many new possibilities. Researching about personalised medicine has also brought me deeper into the field of science and people's opinions on current procedures. I realised how dormant and unexposed I had been to the multitude of information out there, and through this research, I have been exposed to just one of the many theories that could bring humankind to a better, healthier future."

- by Janaranjani Gnanaprakash (Year 3)