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IRC-SET reflection

  On 7th August 2021, a group of Y4 students presented our Y3/Y4 science research projects at the Seventh IRC Conference on Science Engineering and Technology (IRC-SET). IRC-SET is a platform for young and talented researchers to share fresh results, obtain comments, and exchange innova­tive ideas of leading-edge research in the multi-disciplinary areas. We had the opportunity to share our research projects with other similarly passionate individuals in this academic environment.  

  During the conference, we were judged by chairs from many different countries including South Korea. Many other participants who shared their research projects were also from universities of other countries, and we were astounded by how science transbounds geographical boundaries. 

  Other than our own categories, we also had the opportunity to attend presentation sessions by other project groups participating in the conference, and to learn more about the other faculties of science. 

  Lastly, our research papers were also compiled in a journal which was subsequently published as conference proceedings. On a whole, this was a very fulfilling experience, and we are glad to have been able to participate in the IRC-SET 2021. 

Project TitleProject Members
 Alternative to Chromatograpohy: Purification of Therepeutic Proteins/Peptides by Continuous Crystallization in MillifluidicsRachel Chan Shurui (402)
Wong Li Heng (406)
llangovan Harishga (401) 
Cross-lingual Information RetrievalAlysa Lee Mynn (406)
 Gait Monitoring and Analysis for Parkinson's Disease Patients Sanyukta Arunkumar (406)
Eunice Tan Ee Wei (406)
 Elucidating the role of MAMDC2 in head and neck squamous cancer Sheryl Tay Ke Ying (406)
Lu Shiyi Rachel (406)