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Odyssey of the Mind

Reflection from Yuan Ching
Over the last three years, OM has given me more opportunities to think out of the box and step out of my comfort zone than I had initially expected. Being in the Problem 4 structure team, I got to learn a completely new skill that requires physics, math, creativity and experimentation. While it is a skill that emphasises on detail and precision, I have also learnt to look at the bigger picture, observe my surroundings and draw inspiration from unexpected places. What kept me immersed in OM all these years is the prospect of challenging and revolutionising the process. The camaraderie I found in the OM family gave me a safe space and the confidence to try new things, such as set-and-prop making and acting. At the end of my OM journey, I have grown in confidence, creativity and various skills, and cultivated invaluable friendship and my passion for problem-solving. 

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Reflection from Dana
Hello! My name is Dana and I'm from 205 and P3D3 2021.

I chose OM because I liked to perform and dance, so my seniors encouraged me to join because it was right up my alley. I was also interested in costume making, although I had no clue how to do so, thus I figured that OM could teach me a thing or two.

My first impression of OM was that there was a lot of brainstorming involved which was a bit dry and frustrating. However, as our solution started to come to life, I realised that there was a nice balance between ideating and creating your ideas throughout the whole process.

I would consider continuing with OM because I really like the tight-knit family within OM. OM has also taught me a lot about teamwork, spontaneity, time management and strangely, baking soda. OM will always be one of my most treasured experiences in RGS purely because of how it is truly one family.

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