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Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2021

"We are the Soaring Kiddos, consisting of Year 1 students Lisha Annika, Chloe Lim and Corrine Jiang. In March, we competed in the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition and clinched first in the 'Most Creative and Aesthetic' Award. However, in the process of preparing for the competition, we faced various challenges with regard to time management and team collaboration. As we have many other projects in school, preparing for a glider-building competition was not easy. We had to find a common time to get together for discussions, and in the later stages of the competition, build the prototype as well. Since we had different levels of knowledge about model construction, we had to try to split the work up as evenly as possible between us.

We also built our knowledge on aerodynamics while researching for the competition. We reinforced this knowledge by discussing with each other the type of features we want our glider to have and how we were going to achieve them. Through trial and error, we also learnt how important the precision of the structure of a glider is for it to perform well.

Overall, we found the process in preparing for the competition an enriching and memorable one, as we not only learnt how to work better together, but also gained valuable academic knowledge. We are also very grateful to all our teacher-mentors who guided us along the way, and provided us with unwavering support. We are definitely looking forward to the next competition in 2022!"

The Soaring Kiddos.jpgThe Soaring Kiddos, consisting of RGS Year 1 students (from left) Chloe Lim Le Xuan, Lisha Annika Jaya Shankar and Jiang Yilin Corrine, presents their award-winning glider. The team was mentored by teachers Mrs Angela Teo, Dr Jeffrey Lee, Ms Neo Yining, Mr Shaun De Souza, Mdm Tan Siu Guan and Dr Prama Sundari.