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Singapore Energy Grand Challenge (Youth) 2021

In this year's edition of the Singapore Energy Grand Challenge (Youth), one of the 10 participating RGS teams (Team 3R) made it to the finals and emerged champions.

Here are the reflections by Team 3R:

Our SEGC journey was a great learning experience for all of us. We had to pick up Minecraft from scratch, research and discuss among ourselves the low-carbon neighbourhood we would like to have in the future and get it all done within a short timeline.  

Plenty of effort and time are invested but there is tremendous satisfaction and pride when we visit our world which ultimately summarises our learning journey.  

Initially, we were attracted by the advertised prize money.  But upon embarking on the journey, we have learnt so much about Singapore’s Energy Story. We understood the trade-offs between energy security, economic competitiveness and environmental sustainability. We firmly believe that with advances in technology and higher level of environmental consciousness in Singaporeans, we can achieve a delicate balance and we want to show how we can achieve this balance in our world.

SEGC Finalists.jpg

   Team 3R Members (from left to right):Tan Xuan Ying, Kong Zi Yau Bernadette (Jiang Zirou), Victoria Teo Yue Tong


Team 3R members with their Individual and Group Trophies!