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Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad 2021

"The Singapore Junior Biology Olypiad (SJBO) is an annual competition that was started in 2016 as a complement to the International Biology Olympiad. It provides a platform for upper secondary students to challenge themselves further in the area of Biology.

Taking part in SJBO was definitely an enriching experience for us. After finishing the theory round with some difficulty, we managed to get through to the practical round. We were all very honoured to have been chosen to represent the school in the second round.

To prepare us for the challenge, we had to attend a one-day, fast-paced practical workshop. During the workshop, we had the opportunity to learn and execute various practical skills, including the dissection of clams, squid, prawns and fish, as well as free-hand sectioning of plant materials with a blade. There were a huge number of skills to learn in a short time and we found it challenging to master all of them, but it was, without a doubt, both fun and educational to try things we had never tried before, and put our theory knowledge to the test! Through the practical workshop and competition, we not only picked up some useful practical skills, but also learnt the importance of teamwork.

Due to COVID-19, the practical competition was held online. Through this novel yet still exciting way of carrying out practicals, we definitely learnt that communication is always key. Effective and clear communication between team members allowed us to explain the reasons behind our answers, then discuss and decide on the best possible answer. Rushing around to check our answers, we had to coordinate our responses as a team and ensure that every one of our answers were entered correctly and submitted on the group leader's computer. In the end, through our coordinated effort, we managed to obtain an Honourable Mention.

It was a pleasant surprise to make it into the practical round, and we cannot be more thankful to our friends, coaches and teachers for supporting and guiding us in our SJBO journey. This was genuinely a very fruitful experience, and in the future, we will continue to pursue our studies in Biology!"

Team Photo.jpg
Introducing our team members (all from Year 4)! (From left) Cheng Wen Wei Alysa, Jensine Dharmaraj Sanjuana, Sheryl Tay Ke Ying, Alicia Wong Xinyi and Lee Miin Yee Jemma.