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Singapore Youth Science Fair (SYSF) 2021

Team TempH
Hello, Team TempH speaking. We have been very privileged to be able to participate in the SYSF 2021. This event gave us a platform to share our research with others as well as learn from others. The study that we worked on has also given us a chance to read widely on the topic and build different skills through the hands-on component. Despite facing several challenges, such as the inability to meet and time constraints due to the Safe Management Measures (SMM), we rose above the odds to gather data to complete the investigation.
Our investigation aimed to create tempeh with lower acidity levels than the normal soybean tempeh. This helps to enhance a person's health and maintain the pH balance in the body. Through extensive research and experimentation, we were able to create a sample of edamame tempeh which led us to our conclusion. We are also extremely grateful for the support provided by our wonderful mentor, Dr Prama Sundari. She gave us invaluable guidance on our journey and provided insightful comments to improve the report. Eventually, this led to us achieving the Distinction and the Most Innovative Project award in the Singapore Youth Science Fair 2021. 

Team TempH SYSF 2021.jpg

Team TempH: Distinction and Most Innovative Project Award

Team Vitality

Hello! We are Team Vitality. Our project aimed to investigate the effects of adding antioxidants to kiwi juice to preserve Vitamin C levels. We conducted the research with the support and close guidance of our devoted mentor, Ms Neo Yining. We managed to execute the project successfully and attained the Accomplishment award at the Singapore Youth Science Fair 2021.

The Award Ceremony was virtual, through a Youtube live stream, with the address from the Guest of Honour, Deputy Director-General of Education at the Ministry of Education, Mrs Chua Yen Ching. The teamwork and Rafflesian spirit that both of our teams demonstrated will be cherished and we are extremely appreciative of our teacher mentors and teammates for their assistance and support in bringing us to where we are today. 

Team Vitality SYSF 2021.png

Team Vitality: Accomplishment Award