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YDSP World of Science


“The aerodynamics module was an extremely insightful and informative experience. We attended interactive lectures by DSO trainers and participated in kahoot quizzes, learning about aeronautical concepts and applications of aerodynamics in our daily lives. We also had several opportunities to observe computer flight simulator sessions, including a 40-minute simulated flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore! Last but not least, we embarked on a mini-project with other participants, where we put what we had learnt to practice and designed our very own glider!”
~ Cheyenne Tan

“The computer security module was an extremely interesting experience. We learnt about many technical terms regarding computer security such as malware and phishing, and had many hands-on experiences that allowed us to code our own programme. The instructors were also very patient, constantly catering to our needs. Overall, it was extremely informative and we were very engaged throughout the 4 days!”
~ Chloe Foo

“The electromagnetics module was very fun and interesting, enabling us to widen our knowledge about electromagnetics. Through this module, we were able to learn about 5 topics, such as the different types of antennas. The instructors frequently engaged with us, asking us questions and using online platforms to stimulate our learning. They demonstrated real life experiments, enabling us to see the real life experiment even though the module was conducted online. Through group discussions, we were also able to make new friends to share our knowledge about this topic! In a nutshell, this module has enabled me to broaden my knowledge about electromagnetics and I thoroughly enjoyed this experience!”
~ Vera Heng

“Robotics was a very enriching module where we experimented with Arduino and many of its components such as the ultrasonic sensor and the rover. Not just that, we also learnt a lot about electronics, the theory behind all of these components. Overall, many of us enjoyed the module and found it to be useful as it taught us both the software and hardware aspects.”
~ Nikhita

“The sensors, reducing the fog of war module was a really engaging and new experience! Throughout the 4 days, we were engaged in various lectures relating to satellites, orbital mechanics and machine learning. The module leads from DSO also designed a battleship game, where we applied what we learnt from the lectures over the several rounds of the game. For example, we had to calculate the values for the different elements involved in launching a satellite to find the enemy ships. This served as a main platform for us to showcase our learning and takeaways!”
~ Olivia Chiam