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12th Regional Congress Search for SEAMEO Young Scientists

Our 12th Regional Congress 'Search For SEAMEO Young Scientists' or SSYS experience has been challenging, but has also been exciting and enriching! Despite being stressful at times, we have learnt a lot from working together as a team, towards a shared goal. From our little Research Studies project in Year 2 to the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair at the national level, and then all the way to the international stage, we have been continuously surprised by how small and simple innovations can make a big impact for others (our project involves using Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs and other plant materials to create filtered air).

At SSYS, we also learnt plenty from about 140 students from seven other ASEAN countries! Their projects were so incredible and exciting, with many centred on the study of ingenious methods to promote sustainability for a greener ASEAN. It was amazing to have the chance to listen to all the eye-opening presentations by fellow participants. This has certainly been a very rewarding experience.

SYSS Winners.jpg                       We are (from left) Samushkova Anastasiya, Hilary Chee Xin Yi and Zhang Haiyun from Year 4!