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“BrainHack is a series of June holiday programmes organised by the Singapore Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) and is described to be a ‘unique, hands-on experience into the swiftly evolving world of digital tech’.

On 30 May 2022, several RGS students participated in the BrainHack Today I Learned – Artificial Intelligence (TIL-AI) online workshop. During the workshop, we learnt more about computer vision (the field of AI which enables computers to identify objects in images and videos) and how we can use it in robotics. We used DJI Education Hub to code a robot to use computer vision to navigate a virtual battlefield autonomously. There were three challenges where we had to code the robot to complete different tasks using computer vision – following a line, detecting symbols and identifying and shooting numbers in order. We had to do a lot of trial and error in coding the robot but we persevered and eventually succeeded. Some of us even managed to be among the first to complete the challenges! There was also an exciting mini-game for us to apply the codes from the challenges in a physical replica of the virtual battlefield. We formed teams to compete against each other and controlled the physical RoboMaster EP robots remotely through our laptops.

Overall, the TIL-AI workshop taught me a lot about computer vision and its applications through letting us code cool robots. It was an extremely enjoyable and enriching experience. Thank you to the BrainHack organisers for the programme, Mr Shaun De Souza for coordinating, the RGS ICT Department for installing the software and setting up the laptops for us, and all the workshop participants!” 

- Year 1 participants Choy Jia En Vanessa, Zhou Zimo, Year 3 participants Faith Lee Kye Yen, Leong Yu Lin, Jonell, Chee Rui Lin, Victoria, Tan Si Ying, Khoo Yu Ying Valerie, Ang Yu Xi, Sophie, Year 4 participants Li Zhiyu, Hilary Chee Xin Yi, Tan Min Min

Watch a snippet of the participants in action below!