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Future Problem Solving Programme Competition

In the Future Problem Solving Programme (GIPS) competitions, participants are required to research a series of global topics and apply a problem-solving process to resolve the Future Scene – a hypothetical scenario set in the future. We are proud to announce that our team came in first in the FPSP National Finals 2021 and subsequently clinched the championship in the FPSP International Conference 2022. 

Drawn together by our interests in global issues and science fiction, we were determined in challenging ourselves to come up with innovative ideas to solve critical future problems. However, from having to hone both our critical and creative thinking skills, to finding ways to develop spontaneous team dynamics amidst COVID-19 restrictions, to juggling competition preparation with schoolwork, we have had our fair share of challenges. Nonetheless, we are grateful that we persevered as we were rewarded with a truly fun and rewarding experience. 

Along the way, we have experienced much growth as well. Through the long journey of research, planning, and ultimately competing, we learnt about the importance of communication. With clear communication, we were able to share our ideas readily, as well as learn from one another. We also learnt to be more detail-oriented in our preparation process as attention to detail allowed us to present a FPSP booklet that was well-rounded and comprehensive. These values allowed us to perform to the best of our ability. We were able to achieve tremendous growth as a team and we are extremely grateful for the strong bonds forged even outside of FPSP.

We would like to sincerely thank our mentors, Ms Sia and Mrs Mohammad, and our family and friends for their guidance and unwavering support. 

Members: Cai Sijia (407), Goh Xin Yi (408), Lei Siqi (411), Carolyn Por En Sze (412)