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Singapore Amazing Flying Machine 2022

“Hey, what’s our team name?” “Oh, umm…. What’s the most powerful flying vehicle ever created?” “It has to be the Apollo rockets.” “ What year is it now?” “It’s 2022.” – And that’s how ‘Apollo 22’ was created.

Hello everyone! We are Year 3 students Su Yeon and Muhan, part of the team Apollo 22. This Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) journey has been a rollercoaster ride for us. With zero knowledge about the mechanics behind how a glider glided, our curiosity and interest lured us into signing up and since then, we’ve put in our best effort. It started with our first glider, Apollo 1, made of corrugated plastic board. It flew a distance of one metre. In the next four months, many more Apollos were made. Apollo 1 revolutionised into Apollo 13, made of balsa wood. It eventually flew a distance of 31 metres!

While it may seem like our whole process was 100% composed of happiness, fun, and success, that wasn’t exactly true. Many hours of hard work was put into the research and manufacturing process. The process was not as smooth sailing as it looks. None of our Apollos, from Apollo 1, all the way till Apollo 8 managed to actually glide. It would just drop onto the ground upon launching, or even worse, just snap in half. It was only the 9th time that our glider managed to glide.

Apart from manufacturing the physical product, the competition was judged based on many other elements too, such as video vlogging our journey, presentations on theory of flight, aesthetics of glider etc. The combination of these elements made our SAFMC journey an enriching, fun, and most of all, unforgettable experience.

Ultimately, our greatest takeaway was learning to accept and embrace failure with a positive and optimistic attitude. Failures are an inevitable part of any experience. We realised that instead of feeling battered by failures, we should learn to see them as a part of improving as a team. We learnt that failures are the key to making our experience a richer, more fruitful, and unforgettable one.

At the end of day, we are proud of our team for achieving the target of becoming champions and we are ever so grateful to have had wonderful mentors supporting us – Mr Tan Wei Lun, Mrs Angela Teo, and our school’s lab technician, Mr Ali.

With SM of State for Defence.jpg
          Here's us introducing our gliders to Senior Minister of State for Defence, Mr Heng Chee How!
Watch our pre-challenge vlog below: