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SSEF and Regeneron ISEF

“The Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF) is definitely one of the most challenging yet enriching experiences I’ve had. It all started with me being fortunate enough to intern at A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics, where I picked up some technical experimentation skills from my mentor, such as how to operate plasma cleaners. My mentor also encouraged me to be more inquisitive, and challenged me to learn and think independently. In the weeks leading up to SSEF, I spent a lot of time thinking, reading, writing (and rewriting) my report, as this was completely unchartered waters for me. I struggled through many late nights – trying, failing, hyping myself up and trying again – and finally managed to complete the deliverables an hour before the deadline (I would not recommend doing this; try to finish early so you can polish and proofread your work). At SSEF, I got the chance to interact with many distinguished scientists, who offered constructive feedback on how to improve my scientific communication, and some even shared personal anecdotes. For someone who has just dipped her toes into research, this was an extremely fruitful and eye-opening experience.

When news about the Regeneron International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) broke, I was stunned and elated in equal measures. Competing for Singapore at such a prestigious fair meant a lot to me, so I was more focused on doing well than enjoying the experience. But having been through this entire process, I’d say the Regeneron ISEF is, more than anything else, a platform for you to proudly showcase your work to an international audience, connect with and learn from others. Interacting with leading scientists and seeing the brilliant work that my peers have done was incredibly humbling, and that motivated me to keep going further and aiming higher beyond the Regeneron ISEF. If there’s one thing I took away from this rollercoaster of a ride, it’s that nothing worth having comes easy. Always push past your limits, embrace the challenge, and enjoy the process.” 

- Annika Liu Xinan (RGS Class of 2020)