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Taiwan International Science Fair 2022

"Search the question 'is water wet' on the Internet and you will be met with many English sources, but they may not necessarily be what you are looking for. Perhaps there's another French article that answers your question perfectly, and well, that is where cross-lingual information retrieval comes in.

I am Alysa Lee Mynn from the class of 2021. I represented Singapore at the Taiwan International Science Fair 2022 from 24-28 January earlier this year. When I first embarked on this machine-learning project as part of the Research@YDSP programme in 2020, it was beyond my wildest dreams that I would share this project with an international audience at an international science fair.

I spent a month and a half under the watchful eye of my mentors Dr Cheong Wen Hao and Mr Augustine Lee, creating an algorithm, which could be used in search engine optimisation.

I presented my project in SSEF 2021, and clinched a Silver in the Computer Science and Machine Learning category, before being given the opportunity to represent Singapore at the Taiwan International Science Fair.

During the preparation process, I continued to refine my project, and more importantly, my scientific communication. I strived to be able to simplify complex machine learning terminology into bite-size understandable words for the general public to understand. I feel that this process has, in some sense, allowed me to appreciate my science teachers when they break down complex concepts in the classroom.

Being able to communicate with other students around the world also made the experience a lot more holistic, and I was able to connect with many like-minded and passionate young scientists.

I hope that my experience can inspire more students to pursue their interest in science, and strive towards honing their scientific communication skills."

Watch my video presentation below!