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Regional Immersion and Community Exploration Programme

The Regional Immersion and Community Exploration Programme, or RICE, is an RGS signature programme for its Year 2 cohort, which takes place during the school’s Learning Journeys week, week 10 of term 1.

In its original form, RICE involves an overnight immersion experience in Johor, Malaysia, where students participate in interactive and cultural activities with the Malaysian locals. In 2021, with the Covid-19 situation, RICE activities were conducted in Singapore, strictly guided by the prevailing Safe Measurement Measures.

The RICE experience is framed by the following learning outcomes, that students develop:

  • Sociocultural intelligence, being observant of diversity in the community and able to respond sensitively; and,
  • A sense of citizenship, as part of their own identity as a member of their class learning community and, by extension, deepening their understanding of their role in the Singapore community.

RICE is carefully designed for students to have rich and interactive learning experiences with meaningful teacher-student and student-student interactions. During each trip, students record and reflect on their shared experiences in the RICE Journal. The trips were organised according to diversity sub-themes, namely, Place, Lifestyle, Belief, Identity, Voice and Role.

2021’s curation of trips saw students interacting with various local community leaders and individuals, in authentic settings that would be unfamiliar to most, nurturing in students openness and understanding towards others who are ‘as much the same, as they are different’, a phrase capturing the essence of the overarching perspective students conclude.

"My RICE experience was very enriching because it enabled me to experience the sights and sounds of Singapore from another perspective. Visiting the goat farm and learning about the  diversity of farms in Singapore made me realise that Singapore is more than just an urban cityscape. And the trip to the civic district showed me the contrast and diversity within Singapore's urban landscape itself, and helped me appreciate my surroundings and the generations who built Singapore to be what it is today."
- Themis Lai, Year 2 student

JB Skyline.jpg
Goat Farm.jpg
PLACE. We did not cross the Causeway, but with the JB skyline as backdrop and some imagination, did we? LIFESTYLE. We had gone Green in ways that these Kids would barely know.
Museum Tour.jpg

IDENTITY. Ever wanted to ID a Eurasian but could not because of a Mix-up?

VOICE. #Reflections @Pinnacle@Duxton@Reflections
Raffles Statue.jpg

VOICE. We found ourselves at Raffles, being Raffles.
Masjid An-Nahdhah and Harmony Centre.jpg

 BELIEF. Visit to Masjid An-Nahdhah and the Harmony Centre.
Fantail Pod @ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.jpeg
PLACE. Fantail Pod @ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve with the Johor Bahru skyline in the background.