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Taiwan International Science Fair 2021

"During the 2019 November-December holidays, I had the opportunity to lead a project titled 'HoneySurfer: Intelligent Web-Surfing Honeypots" as part of the Research@YDSP programme, where I worked with two other students from different schools. After participating in the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2020, our project was nominated to represent Singapore at the virtual Taiwan International Science Fair (TISF) 2021. Our team was required to create a two-minute video clip (for public viewing) explaining our project, and present a 10-minute sharing of our project to a panel of judges, after which, there was a question and answer segment.

Thinking back on my experience in TISF, I believe that I will never quite forget the fond memories and invaluable takeaways that it has given me. It was incredibly nerve-wrecking to await our team's turn in the MS Teams virtual room, alongside my teammates. From calmly maneuvering technical difficulties that arose through the whole process, to working cohesively as a team to present our project, I felt that the thrill of the competition was not in the least dampened by the virtual format.
Janessa and presentation slides.jpg
Janessa presenting her team's project presentation slides.
In fact, TISF, being one of the first to organise a large-scale virtual science fair in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, showed everyone the endless doors of possibilities that the online format offers. I was delighted to have been one of the first students to have a taste of it.

TISF Virtual Website.png
TISF virtual fair live website.
I also recall enjoying the opening and closing keynotes by renowned national scientists, and an enthralling dance performance in the spirit of the competition being hosted in Taiwan. I was heartened to find that this series of events was seamlessly hosted on YouTube live streams, MS Teams and a website from start to finish.

Dance performance during opening ceremony.png
The dance performance screened during the 'live' opening ceremony.
Viewing the other teams' presentations and videos was also a humbling experience for it opened my eyes to the vast sea of potential that science and technology holds in research, and what has been explored by passionate young individuals from all over the world. This has fuelled my interest in the field of scientific research and technology, and leaves me yearning for similar platforms to develop my passion.

TISF was indeed an enriching experience for me and I am immensely grateful to have had the chance to be a part of it."

- Janessa Valencia Guo Jiaxuan (Class of 2020)