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Year 1 Orientation Week 2021

A warm Rafflesian welcome to the newest members of our RGS family!

From 4-7 January 2021, our Year 1s participated in a four-day orientation programme organised by their seniors from the various Lead Boards, who themselves had the onerous task of re-designing the activities in view of safe management measures, while still keeping them fun and meaningful.

Some of the activities they participated in include a campus tour, Spirit Ignition sessions where they learnt the songs and cheers that generations of RGS girls have given voice to, CCA orientation and the iconic Batch Initiation ceremony where the Year 1s are presented their school badges to pin on their pinafore for the very first time, as they are formally inducted as RGS students.

Host for Orientation.jpg
performance from the girls.jpg
performance from the girls - moving together.jpg
Happy Smile underneath the mask.jpg
Preparing for cheer.jpgPutting on the badge.jpg
First time putting on the badge.jpgDemo NPCC item.jpg
CCA girls' Brigade.jpgDemo NPCC item.jpg