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Young Innovators' Challenge 2021

"The Young Innovators' Challenge 2021, organised by the Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre of the Nanyang Technological University, is a series of innovative education programmes comprising masterclasses, ideation, prototyping, coaching and competition. The theme of this year's challenge is Future Smart City.

Over the past two months, more than 400 students from 37 schools attended the live masterclass series, including two teams from RGS - Team Envealth Inquisitors and Team Troika. Eventually, eight teams were shortlisted for the finals with our team, Team Troika, emerging as one of the finalists.

Throughout this journey, we have a learnt a lot about innovating. We had to go through a lot of different ideas to get to our final design as some of them were not practical enough or did not make full use of technology. At the last minute, we even had to change our design! This taught us that innovation is not just a simple, linear process, but one that requires a lot of determination and resilience as sometimes, you will find yourselves having to keep repeating certain steps. Even going back to defining the problem and editing the entire concept was something that happened many times for us throughout this project. We also learnt the importance of being open-minded, because if we were not open to criticism, we would have just stuck with our first idea, and not continue to work on improving it. We definitely would not have achieved our Best Product Design Award too! Having listened to feedback from our teachers, family members and each other, we could work on improving our final product and making it the best version it can be.

We were also required to work together as a team in a very short period of time. Thus, we learnt the value of teamwork, and also proper time management. We had to hold frequent Google Meetings to discuss our ideas and come up with the framework for our slides and script for our presentation. During the actual competition, we supported each other in small ways, like giving each other pep talks and not stressing each other out so that we could focus more on the competition and function as a team.

Overall, we have walked away from this competition with a very fruitful experience as it not only developed our innovativeness and presentation skills, but also our leadership skills and teamwork. We will definitely recommend other students to take part in this competition!"

Team Troika.jpegTeam Troika members (from left) Sarah Dharmaras (Year 2), Tan Jacinth (Year 1) and Jiang Yuzhen (Year 2).

For their project, Team Troika designed a smart cushion that provides a thrust to assist the elderly to transit from sitting to standing:

Drawing Board.png