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Head Prefect Elections

Date of Event: Tuesday, 11 May 2021

The Head Prefect Election is one of the important events for the student body, staff and the rest of the RGS community – past, present and future. The elected Head Prefect and Vice-Head Prefects will lead the student body into the next chapter of our RGS history.

Even before the six candidates are elected and assume their role as the Head Prefect and Vice-Head Prefects of the RGS student body, they have already been tasked to rise to the challenges of undergoing a rigorous selection process done via e-platforms. They include:
  • Group e-interview with a panel of Lead Board teachers and current Head Prefects
  • Campaigning using only online platforms
  • Practising their speeches in a Gmeet room setting
  • Delivering a speech in front of an empty room, recorded with IT assistance in another venue
  • Anticipating a live Q&A session where questions are submitted online by onsite audience, and the whole session being watch by staff and students who are both onsite and off-site

Given the above, we would like to urge everyone to encourage and support our candidates in the upcoming Head Prefect Elections!