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Student Well-Being & Support

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The objectives of student well-being and support are:
  • To provide counselling services for students who present social-emotional issues
  • To conduct educational and career guidance programmes and counselling
  • To offer life-coaching opportunities to students who desire to maximise their potentials in their personal lives
  • To train students, teachers and parents in life-coaching to become peer-coaches, teacher-coaches and parent-coaches
  • To empower students to grow in holistic ways through the Thrive Sessions
  • To support students with special needs in their educational pursuits and social-emotional development
  • To extend selected programmes to neighbouring schools to facilitate social mixing of students

Counselling Services

We offer one-to-one appointments to address with students a myriad of issues they may present to the counsellors.
  • Interventions:
    • Individual counselling
    • Group counselling
    • Academic counselling
    • Parent education

  • Issues:
    • Addictions
    • Anxiety
    • Body image
    • Depression
    • Eating disorders
    • Grief and loss
    • Learning difficulties/disabilities
    • Relationship – parents, family, peers, teachers

Education and Career Guidance

Our goal is to see our students being able to:
  • Understand their own career/academic aspirations
  • Develop positive attitudes towards work and learning
  • Integrate their career/academic aspirations with whole-person development and life-long learning

The following range of interventions are available to our students:
  • Linking study opportunities and career choices
  • School-wide career guidance activities
  • Learning experiences about work
  • Individual student planning

To make an appointment with a counsellor, please click on this link.

Peer Helpers

In addition to being a peer supporter, the peer helper’s role is that of a peer coach, who is trained and supervised in coaching skills and techniques. Through positive relationships, peer helpers journey with fellow students, assisting them in their academic and personal concerns by exploring options, enabling them to discover their own solutions and work on them.

To make an appointment with a counsellor, please click on this link.

Thrive Sessions

To thrive is to develop well, flourish and succeed. Hence, through our Thrive Sessions, we envision participants to be motivated about learning, become psychologically resilient, socially and emotionally competent, and having a positive outlook on life and proactive personality.

Thrive Sessions are presented in block sessions and individual sessions.