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Design & Technology

Our Design & Technology curriculum is designed to fire the imagination of our students as they go through the creative design process to conceptualise and create an artefact that is aesthetically pleasing and functional, in response to an authentic design situation. This is done through interacting with the physical world, manipulating materials and applying technology creatively and innovatively.

Learning Outcomes


  • Approach problem-solving with a design approach framed by the design process
  • Apply design thinking tools to arrive at a creative yet practical solution
  • Appreciate the iterative nature of the design process

Materials and Processes

  • Experiment with and prototype ideas using appropriate materials and tools (both traditional and digital) safely
  • Build quick mock-ups for experimenting and evaluating ideas
  • Understand properties of materials and how they affect the way in which materials are used
  • Work with at least one resistant material from each classification in a safe manner
  • Plan the steps for prototyping


  • Describe the use of mechanisms in conversion and transmission of motion in everyday products
  • Create simple mechanisms to explain the need for structures in everyday life
  • Recognise the use of different methods of reinforcing structures
  • Create structures that are rigid and stable
  • Independently trouble-shoot simple problems in a mechatronics system
  • Creatively apply technology to realise the solution of a chosen design problem
  • Develop a hands-on understanding of controller technology and use common electronics components (project-driven outcome)
  • Independently learn new skills and knowledge needed to realise a design idea


Year 1


  • Design Thinking
  • Communicating Design Ideas

Materials and Process

  • Working Safely with Tools and Machines
  • Properties of Materials


  • Electronics, Mechanisms and Structures


Post-Exam Activity.jpg

(Post-Exam Activity) A collaboration between the D&T unit and Robotics Club CCA for a level-wide introduction to machine learning conducted for Year 1 to 3. (HUSH-STEM Week) A collaboration between the D&T unit, Robotics Club and Infocomm Club CCAs to create an AI Chatboard using Lego EV3 and Scratch.
D_T - REWOOD Programme.jpeg
D_T - MOX_Visit.jpeg
(Post-Exam Activity) A collaboration between the D&T unit and the New Campus Committee for the ReWood Project to repurpose fallen timbre from our Braddell campus into planters, which were made and decorated by our Year 4 students. (Learning Journey) During a visit to co-workspaces to experience a diverse community of creatives in MOX, our students got to meet entrepreneurs and understand how they collaborate across a variety of creative disciplines.
D_T - Microbit Lamp Project.jpeg

The Digital Maker workshop for Year 1 students nurtures a passion to create with technology through fun coding and making sessions.